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                      2 Pole Circuit Breakers

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                      10A 2 pole 6kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

                      SKU: ATO-MCB-2P10
                      10 amp 2-pole mini circuit breaker meet IEC standard to provide the supplementary protection for the electrical equipment with 6kA short circuit breaking capacity, and selectable trip characteristics of B, C and D curves. Compact size, DIN rail mounting and safe in use.

                      20A 2 pole 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

                      SKU: ATO-MCB-2P20
                      Miniature circuit breaker with 20 amp, 2 pole, and 230/400V AC 10 kA, are commonly use for branch circuit protection in residential, commercial and industrial fields, with B, C and D curves availble. High quality and good performance.

                      25A 2 pole 6kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

                      SKU: ATO-MCB-2P25
                      25 amp 2-pole mini circuit breaker, with 6 kA short circuit breaking capacity at 240/415V AC, has B, C and D curves availble for your selection. Compliance with IEC standards, meet general purpose needs of protecting branch circuit, easy mounting in DIN rail, high reliability and safe in use.

                      32A 2 pole 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

                      SKU: ATO-MCB-2P32
                      32 amp 2 pole miniature circuit breaker is designed for short circuit and overload protection for the branch circuit and equipment with high performance in interrupt rating 10kA at 240/415V AC, and B, C and D curves are optional to meet the different needs of applications.

                      3A 2 pole 6kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

                      SKU: ATO-MCB-2P03
                      3 Amp 2 pole 6kA miniature circuit breaker complys with IEC standard, and available for B, C, D three trip characteristics to meet different protecting requirements. Compact structure, DIN rail installation, reliable performance, good interrupt capacity and safe in use.

                      50A 2 pole 6kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

                      SKU: ATO-MCB-2P50
                      Complying with IEC standard, 2-pole miniature circuit breaker, with rated current 50 amp, interrupt rating 6kA at 230/400V AC, is suitable for supplementary protection against short ciruit and over load for commercial and industrial applications.

                      63A 2 pole 6kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

                      SKU: ATO-MCB-2P63
                      Small-size circuit breaker features 63 amp current rating, 2 poles, 6 kA interrupt capacity and DIN rail mounting, and 3 different trip characteristics available. As IEC listed, MCB is suitable for protecting the electrical equipment from over load and short circuit.

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