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                                2500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

                                Industrial electric high pressure washer 2500 psi, 3.1kW power, flow 560L/h, efficient cleaning of car, metal, concrete and brick, grill, and boat, electric power washer is ideal. 220Vmobile high-pressure cleaner, easy to use.
                                SKU: ATO-EPW-2500
                                Free Shipping Worldwide
                                Delivery date: 6-20 days

                                Powerful 2500 psi electric pressure washer power 3100W, 220V/50Hz, lightweight and compact, it can clean any dirt place indoors or outdoors, efficient and fast, reduce stress for you.


                                Model ATO-EPW-2500
                                Voltage AC 220V/50 HZ
                                Power 3.1kW
                                Flow 560L/H
                                Pressure 5~15MPa (725 psi-2500 psi)
                                Rotation 2800RMP
                                Max Water Temperature 60℃
                                Cleaning Process Cold Water Cleaning
                                Cleaning Type High Pressure Cleaner
                                Dimension (L*W*H) 360mm*375mm*925mm
                                Certificate CE, RoHS
                                Weight 30.5kg


                                1. The vertical layout of the internal parts of the mobile electric high-pressure cleaner can greatly reduce the transmission failure caused by water stringing in the traditional horizontal layout cleaner and the coil burnout caused by the motor oil.
                                2. The push-pull box-type humanized design of casters is convenient and quick for operators who are often engaged in mobile washing machines.
                                3. The fuselage shell and internal skeleton are made of insulating material, which can effectively avoid the leakage accident caused by the internal wire head falling off or short circuit.
                                4. The mobile high pressure washer uses a swash plate drive pump. Compared with the crankshaft drive pump washer in the market, it has the characteristics of high pressure and small flow, and can save energy by 30% in the same state.

                                Electric pressure washer detailApplications
                                Electric pressure washer applications
                                Tips: The role of industrial electric pressure washer in oilfield operations

                                During crude oil extraction, crude oil needs to be extracted through pipelines. Because crude oil contains paraffin, it can easily adhere to the pipe wall and cause blockages. In addition, polymers, cokes, oil scales, scales, and sediments are produced during oil production. Dirt, rust, corrosives, etc. will adhere to the pipeline, which will reduce production efficiency, and will cause blockages in severe cases, and normal production will be required. This requires the use of timely cleaning. After practice, it is found that the high-pressure cleaner is better to clean these Selection, electric pressure washer, can quickly melt oil stains, paraffin wax and greasy dirt, and at the same time, the water will wash them away to restore a clean pipe wall. At the same time, this cleaning method has obvious effects, no corrosion, no pollution, high efficiency, time and effort , can effectively reduce the waste of oil pipes, so electric pressure washer has been adopted by more and more oil fields and widely promoted.

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