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                              2600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

                              Commercial 2600 psi electric pressure washer, AC380V/50Hz, flow 720L/H, 4700W power, electric power washer can not only be used to clean cars, houses, floors, but also widely used in industry.
                              SKU: ATO-EPW-2600
                              Free Shipping Worldwide
                              Delivery date: 6-20 days

                              3d图库Quiet 2600 psi electric water pressure washer is a powerful electric pressure washer, helps you quickly clean cars, houses, barbecue grills, or any dirt on the floor.


                              Model ATO-EPW-2600
                              Voltage AC 220V/50 HZ
                              Power 4.7kW
                              Flow 720L/H
                              Pressure 5~18MPa (725 psi-2600 psi)
                              Rotation 2800RMP
                              Max Water Temperature 60℃
                              Cleaning Process Cold Water Cleaning
                              Cleaning Type High Pressure Cleaner
                              Dimension (L*W*H) 360mm*375mm*925mm
                              Certificate CE, RoHS
                              Weight 31kg


                              1. The vertical layout of the internal parts of the mobile electric high-pressure cleaner can greatly reduce the transmission failure caused by water stringing in the traditional horizontal layout cleaner and the coil burnout caused by the motor oil.
                              2. The push-pull box-type humanized design of casters is convenient and quick for operators who are often engaged in mobile washing machines.
                              3. The fuselage shell and internal skeleton are made of insulating material, which can effectively avoid the leakage accident caused by the internal wire head falling off or short circuit.
                              4. The mobile high pressure washer uses a swash plate drive pump. Compared with the crankshaft drive pump washer in the market, it has the characteristics of high pressure and small flow, and can save energy by 30% in the same state.

                              Electric pressure washer detailApplications
                              Electric pressure washer applications
                              Tips: Application of pressure washer in road maintenance

                              The road will definitely cause damage after long-term use, and it needs to be repaired. In highway maintenance, the high-pressure cleaner can clean grease, dirt, tar on road maintenance equipment, as well as paint, dirt, tar, glue and lanes on cement bridges and overpasses. It also has other actions. It is able to smooth the wear and heavy oil on the cement. Facts have shown that the road surface cleaned by the high-pressure cleaner is not only neat and hygienic, but also flat and safe. Therefore, in terms of highway maintenance, high-pressure cleaners have become rare ideal equipment.

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