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                  Aerator Pump

                  Aerator pump for ponds, lakes, 370W, 750W, 1100W, 1500W and 1500W solar powered pond aerator for your selection, cheap price with and mppt controller, can form a spectacular fountains, provide sufficient oxygen for the fish.
                  The solar powered air pump system is ideal for outdoor use. It presses the air into the water, allowing the oxygen in the air to fully contact the water, so as to allow some of the oxygen to merge into the water, increase the oxygen content of the water, and ensure the growth of fish in the water.

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                  370W DC 48V Aerator Pump

                  SKU: ATO-AP370W
                  Portable aerator air pump for pond, 750W solar pond aerator with mppt controller, DC 48V, flow 15m3/h, provide sufficient oxygen for fish farms, stable performance and low price.

                  750W DC 48V Aerator Pump

                  SKU: ATO-AP750W
                  Aerator air pump for pond and lake, low price 750W solar powered pond aerator with dc 48V controller, effectively improve water quality and provide sufficient oxygen supply for fish.

                  1100W DC 72V Aerator Pump

                  SKU: ATO-AP1100W
                  Pond aerator solar with 72V DC controller for sale, aerator pump 1100W, cheap price, good choice for fish pond. Splash water mixes oxygen from the air and is brought in the powerful function makes the bottom surface accelerate into the water and increase the oxygen in the water.

                  1500W DC 96V Aerator Pump

                  SKU: ATO-AP1500W
                  Solar fish pond pump aerator oxygenator for ponds and lakes, low price, 1500W aerator pump with 96V DC controller, avoid producing harmful substances such as NH3 and nitrite.

                  2200W Aerator Pump, AC 220V/DC 300V

                  SKU: ATO-AP2200W
                  2200W water aerator pump with mppt controller, AC 220V/DC 300V, oxygenator pump for fish ponds can not only bring rich oxygen to fish ponds, improve water quality, but also form a spectacular fountain pond landscape.

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