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                    Air Blower

                    An air blower is a machine that raise the air pressure and deliver the air for ventilating, cooling, exhausting, inflation and so on.
                    ATO offers a series of inflatable air blowers ranging from 380W to 1.5kW (2 hp). With different pressures and airflows, the blowers are suitable for small, medium and large bounce houses, bouncy castles, water slides, obstacle courses, jumpers and other inflatable games, as well as the advertising and promotional inflatables such as arches and mascots. These inflatable air blowers are portable, easy to carry and storage, durable, efficient and economical price.
                    In addition, there are 600W and 1200W variable speed air blowers with different air volumes used for industrial fields like medical equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning, lithium battery equipment, printing, so on.

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                    380W Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House/Slide

                    SKU: ATO-ABL-380
                    380W inflatable air blower for small bounce houses/water slides/inflatable arches, speed 2800 RPM, air flow 19m3/min (670 CFM), power supply 220-240V or 110-120V 50/60Hz, with durable plastic housing, easy to carry with a handle, low noise and high efficiency, compact design and light weight, high reliability and low price.

                    480W Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House/Jumper

                    SKU: ATO-ABL-480
                    Compact and light inflatable air blower for sale, equipped with 480W efficient motor, 2800 RPM, 21 m3/min (740 CFM) airflow, supply voltage 220-240V or 110-120V 50/60Hz, durable engineering plastic housing, convenient carry handle, energy efficient and economical price, perfect for small and medium bounce houses, water slides, jumpers and other inflatables.

                    680W Inflatable Air Blower for Jumping Castle

                    SKU: ATO-ABL-680
                    Powerful efficient 680W electric air blower pump fan with 220-240V or 110-120V 50/60Hz power supply, produces 32 m3/min airflow, reinforced plastic housing, easy carrying handle design, quiet operation and favorable price, excellent for bounce house, bouncy castle, water slide and other inflatable games.

                    750W Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House

                    SKU: ATO-ABL-750
                    Cheap air blower is equipped with strong and efficient 1 hp (750W) motor to generate the33 m3/min airflow. Made from PE engineering plastic, portable blower pump with a carry handle, can run smoothly and quietly, great for bounce houses, jumping castles, water slides, and other inflatables.

                    1.5 hp (1.1kW) Inflatable Air Blower for Bouncy Castle

                    SKU: ATO-ABL-1100
                    With strong 1100 Watt or 1.5 hp motor, the powerful air blower fan is excellent for medium to large inflatables like bouncy castles, bounce houses, water slides, etc. Large air flow 45 m3/min or 68 m3/min for options. Durable construction, low-noise operatrion, energy-efficient and economical price.

                    2 hp (1.5kW) Inflatable Air Blower for Bounce House

                    SKU: ATO-ABL-1500
                    The inflatable bounce house air blower with 2 hp (1500 Watt) high efficient motor, is powerful enough to produce large air volume 49 m3/min or 82 m3/min for your choice. Low noise running, durable housing, and high efficiency, greatly suitable for residential and commercial inflatables including bounce houses, water slides, jumpers and so on.

                    600W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed, 110V/220V

                    SKU: ATO-ABL-600
                    600W variable speed industrial blower can work as both air blower and air vacuum with supply voltage 110V/220V AC. Max. air volume 180m3/h, 153m3/h, 140m3/h or 132m3/h, and correspondingly maximum vacuum 98mBar, 126mBar, 169mBar or 210mBar. Max. speed 14000 RPM, allowing adjustable speed by built-in potentiometer, external 1.5V-10V, 1.5V-5V, or 4-20mA to control the air volume. Compact size and light weight, easy to install and maintain, stable performance yet competitive price.

                    1200W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed, 110V/220V

                    SKU: ATO-ABL-1200
                    Small industrial air blower for sale, 1200 Watt, 110V/220V AC, designed for air vacuum and air blower with stable air volume, air flow available with 253m3/h (148 CFM), 240m3/h (140 CFM) and 228m3/h (134 CFM). The blower has 44.5 mm inlet & outlet diameter, and max. speed 20000 RPM, allowing variable speed to realize the air volume adjustable. High pressure, steady airflow and favorable price.

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