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              Air Quality Monitor

              Air pollution is a huge and serious issue in our daily life. A good air quality monitor will be an assisstant to help you understand the air floating around you. There are various types of air quality detectors for your option. These monitors can detect different varaibles based on models - dust (PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10), formaldehyde (HCHO), CO2, TVOC, AQI, temperature and humidity. With the help of the monitor, you will be able to easily check the air quality in your home, office, car or other indoor areas.

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              Air Quality Monitor for Home, PM2.5/HCHO/TVOC/AQI/PM1.0/PM10

              SKU: ATO-AIR-DM103
              Light and compact indoor air quality monitor can detect PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, AQI, PM1.0, PM10, multiple functions yet simple operation. With big LCD screen, real-time display and easy to read. Built-in large capacity Li-battery, the meter is capable of working for a long time. Low price and high quality.

              Handheld Air Quality Monitor, PM2.5/HCHO/TVOC/Temperature/Humidity

              SKU: ATO-AIR-DM106A
              Handheld air quality monitor for sale, supports multiple detection PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10, AQI, formaldehyde (HCHO), TVOC, temperature and humidity. The air quality meter features light and portable, large LCD display and high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, high accuracy but low cost, best for home, office and car.

              Home Air Quality Monitor, PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10/CO2/TVOC/TEMP/HUM

              SKU: ATO-AIR-DM601
              Best home air quality monitor for sale. Multifunctional detector for measuring PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10, CO2, TVOC, Temperature and Humidity. AQI data can also be displayed on the screen. Other functions like time, calendar and alarm clock are included. Large capacity rechargeable battery, 24-hour real-time monitoring, high accuracy, easy operation and affordable price.

              Indoor Air Quality Monitor, PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10/HCHO/TVOC/TEMP/HUM

              SKU: ATO-AIR-DM108
              Favorable price indoor air quality monitor can perform 24-hour real time monitoring PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, PM1.0, PM10, Temperature and Humidity. The air meter also support time, calendar and alarm clock functions. With four independent sensors, high accuracy and fast response. Large LCD display, showing real-time air quality readings. Light and portable, easy to use.

              Portable Air Quality Monitor, PM2.5/HCHO/TVOC/Temperature/Humidity

              SKU: ATO-AIR-DM502
              Portable air quality monitor for home/office/car, measuring PM2.5, PM1.0, PM10, HCHO, TVOC, AQI, temperature and humidity and real-time displaying on the LCD screen. Rechargeable Li-batterty, compact size and light weight, easy to carry. Easy operation, quick response and accurate detection.

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