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                      Air Quality Monitor Price List

                      3d图库Air pollution, mainly comes from haze, dust particles, smoke, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke, soot and so on. Indoor air pollutants are mainly from decoration, because the widely-used decorative materials, plate, paint, glue, new furniture, adhesives, etc., easily produce harmful pollutants to human health. Indoor air quality monitor can detect the dust particles PM2.5 in the air, and also detect the formaldehyde and TVOC produced by decoration. Air pollution is very harmful to the human body, so a reliable air quality monitor can help you detect the air pollution index at home, and offer a comprehensive protection to pregnant women, children, the elderly and family members.

                      Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Price List

                      3d图库The ultrasonic thickness gauge is a kind of portable measuring instrument that adopts ultrasonic measuring principle. The ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe passes through the measured object to reach the material interface and the pulse is reflected back to the probe, so the thickness of the material can be determined by accurately measuring the time that the ultrasonic wave propagates through the material. The ultrasonic thickness gauge is suitable for a variety of material thickness measurements which can be propagated in its internal by the ultrasonic wave at a constant speed and can be reflected from the back...

                      Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

                      Air Cooled Water Chiller Price List

                      The industrial air-cooled type water chiller machines provided from ATO store are brand new, high quality and competitive price, including single phase and three phase two versions. With a wide range of cooling capacity from 1/2 ton (1750W) to 17 ton (60kW), compressors power up to 20 HP. The prices of our air cooled water chiller machine are listed as follows. Click the 'SKU' link for more information of each item.

                      Lifting Magnets Price List

                      3d图库The permanent lifting magnetics is designed based on the continuity principle of magnetic flux and the superposition principle of magnetic field. The magnetic circuit of the permanent magnetic lifter is designed into multiple magnetic systems. Through the relative motion of the magnetic systems, the magnetic field intensity on the working magnetic pole surface is added or eliminated, so as to achieve the purpose of holding and unloading.

                      AC Contactor Price List

                      3d图库AC contactor is an intermediate control element, which can frequently turn on and off the line, and control large current with small current. Used in conjunction with thermal relays, it can also play a certain role in overload protection of load equipment. Compared with human manual opening and closing circuits, AC contactors are more efficient, can be flexibly used, and can open and close multiple load lines at the same time. The lock status continues to work.

                      Relay Tester Price List

                      3d图库The relay protection testing instrument is divided into two circuits, the main circuit and the auxiliary circuit. The main circuit is adjusted with a large knob, and the auxiliary circuit is adjusted with a small knob. The main circuit controls the various outputs of the circuit through the "output selection" key switch on the panel, and Each time an output is switched, the digital voltage/current meter on the instrument can automatically monitor its output value. The auxiliary circuit directly adjusts the output through the output switch control, and the measurement can be measured with an external multimeter.

                      Hydraulic Pump Motor Price List

                      ATO hydraulic pump motor is an actuator of a hydraulic system. It converts the fluid pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of the output shaft. Liquid is a medium that transmits force and motion.

                      Wind Turbine Charge Controller Price List

                      Wind wind turbine charge controller is an intelligent controller specially designed for wind power generation systems. By making full use of wind energy resources to generate electricity, the equipment can not only efficiently convert the electric energy generated by the wind turbine to charge the battery, but also provides powerful control functions.

                      Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Price List

                      3d图库Industrial vacuum cleaner is used in industrial production to collect waste on the floor, filter and purify air, and clean up production environment. Industrial vacuum cleaners provide efficient and safe cleaning assistance for industrial vacuum dust extraction system and are widely used in various fields such as chemical industry, machinery, foundry, medicine, textile and so on. ATO offers best industrial vacuum cleaner, including single-phase/three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, continuous duty industrial vacuum dust extractor, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner with double dust canister.

                      Rotational Viscometer Price List

                      In industrial production and scientific research, the measurement of viscosity is often used to monitor the composition or quality of substances. For example, in the production of polymer materials, the application of a viscometer can monitor the viscosity of synthetic reaction products, automatic control of the reaction end point. The viscosity measurement is also required in other processes such as oil cracking, lubricating oil blending, automatic control of certain food and drug production processes, monitoring of crude oil pipelines, and quality testing of petroleum products and paints.

                      Variac Voltage Regulator Price List

                      3d图库The 3 phase variac voltage regulator is an electronic component used between the power supply and the load.  Three-phase voltage regulator can well adjust the voltage, current and power applied to the load, and ensure a good circuit. Security. Three-phase voltage regulators are also called thyristor power regulators and power regulators.

                      Heat Exchanger Price List

                      Heat exchanger is an energy-saving device that realizes heat transfer for medium between two or more fluids at different temperatures. Heat exchanger transfers heat from the higher temperature fluid to the lower temperature fluid, so that the fluid temperature reaches standard specified by the technology and meet the needs of process conditions. According to flow channel direction, heat exchanger can be divided into counter flow heat exchanger and cross flow heat exchanger. According to heat exchange medium, there are air to air heat exchanger, water to air heat exchanger, water to water heat exchanger, air to water heat exchanger, oil to water heat exchanger, etc. ATO provides high-quality brazed plate heat exchangers, which are vacuum brazed by copper or nickel, without gaskets, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, and high heat exchange efficiency.

                      Electromagnetic Brake and Clutch Price List

                      Electromagnetic brake A mechanical part that stops or decelerates moving parts in a machine. Commonly known as brakes, brakes. The brake is mainly composed of a brake frame, brake parts and a control device. Some brakes are also equipped with an automatic adjustment of the brake clearance. In order to reduce the braking torque and structure size, the brake is usually installed on the high-speed shaft of the equipment, but large equipment with high safety requirements (such as mine hoists, elevators, etc.) should be installed on the low-speed shaft near the working part of the equipment on.

                      Flow Meter Price List

                      3d图库A flow meter is an instrument used to measure the volume or mass of a gas or liquid. tailingda.com offers you various flow meters including magnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, turbine flow meter and portable ultrasonic flow meter, to suit your different applications. Then, how can you choose an appropriate flow meter? It can be considered from five aspects: flow meter performance, fluid characteristics, installation conditions, environmental conditions and economic factors.

                      DC Reactor Price List

                      The DC reactor, also known as the flat wave reactor, is mainly used on the DC side of the converter, and has more applications in general inverters. A DC current having an AC component flows through the reactor. The main purpose is to limit the AC component superimposed on the DC current to a specified value, keep the rectified current continuous, reduce the current ripple value, improve the input power factor, and suppress the harmonics generated by the converter.

                      Colorimeter Price List

                      The colorimeter is used to measure the color and color difference of object reflection, ISO brightness and fluorescent whitening of fluorescent whitening materials, CIE whiteness, ceramic whiteness, whiteness of building materials and non-metallic mineral products, and Hunter. System Lab and Hunter Whiteness, yellowness measurement, opacity, transparency, light scattering and light absorption coefficients, and instruments for measuring ink absorption.

                      Alternator Price List

                      3d图库The biggest difference between a permanent magnet generator and an excited generator is that its excitation magnetic field is generated by a permanent magnet. Permanent magnet is both a magnetic source and a component of a magnetic circuit in a motor. The magnetic properties of permanent magnets are not only related to the manufacturing process of the production plant, but also to the shape and size of the permanent magnets, the capacity of the magnetizer and the method of magnetization. Moreover, the magnetic flux and magnetomotive force that the permanent magnet can provide in the motor also vary with the material properties, size, and motor operating state of the rest of the magnetic circuit. In addition, the magnetic circuit structure of permanent magnet generators is various, the leakage magnetic circuit is very complicated and the leakage magnetic flux accounts for a large proportion, the ferromagnetic material part is relatively easy to saturate, and the magnetic permeability is nonlinear.

                      Soldering Station Price List

                      A soldering station is a hand tool commonly used in the electronic soldering process. The two workpieces are welded by heating the solder (usually referred to as tin wire) to melt it. The soldering station has a wide range of uses. From common electronic home appliance repairs to electronic integrated circuits and chips, it will be applied to the soldering station as a welding tool, but it is most commonly used for soldering of PCB circuit boards in electronics factories.

                      Rotary Switch Price List

                      3d图库Rotary switch is a multi-circuit control electrical appliance which is composed of multiple sets of contact components with the same structure. It consists of operating mechanism, positioning device, contacts, contact system, shaft, handle and other components. The contacts are in an insulated base, which is a double-break point contact bridge structure. The movable contacts are designed to be automatically adjusted to ensure the synchronization during opening and closing. The static contacts are installed in the contact base. It relies on cams and brackets to operate and control the closing and opening of contacts.

                      Single Phase to Three Phase Converter Price List

                      ATO single-phase to three-phase converter adopts AC-DC-AC circuit structure and adopts SPWM modulation control technology, which can convert ordinary single-phase power to industrial three-phase power. After the single-phase to three-phase inverter power conversion, the three-phase power output is a standard pure sine wave, and the harmonic distortion rate (THD) is less than 2%, which is suitable for all types of loads.

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