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                                  3 Axis/4 Axis CNC Router with 300x400x60mm Working Area

                                  This CNC router tool is a miniature version of engraving machine for those with limited space or a limited budget, can connect with computer as other external device such as printer. With 300 (X ) mm x 400 (Y) mm x 60 (Z) mm working area, 55mm carving deepth, 300W spindle motor providing 500-8000rpm/min. You could select 3 axis or 4 axis (rotation axis) router as your need.
                                  SKU: ATO-ROUTER-3040
                                  Free Shipping Worldwide
                                  Delivery date: 15-30 days


                                  • CNC router tool with 3 axis/ 4 axis version, easy operation and installation
                                  • More steady and strong equiped with aluminum alloy frame materials
                                  • Can be controlled only by desktop computer, not suitable for laptop
                                  • Mach 3 software is simple and intelligent
                                  • Flexible coupling can be used for high torque transmission
                                  • Spindle motor knob is useful for small positioning adjustment, with steady and strong support structure
                                  • The chrome shafts is not easy to deform, suitable for long time use

                                  Application: 3d图库This high quality CNC router is a USB engraving machine suitable for various material such as wood, plastic, MDF board, PVC, acrylic, composite board plywood. It can be used widely to process or make advertising signs, PCB, nameplates, badges, seals, bronzing plate, aluminium alloy, acryl plates, ABS resin double color plate, PVC foaming board, indentation plates, signs, construction models, instrument panels, wooden products etc..


                                  Router Machine Parameters
                                  Model ATO-3040T 3040T4Z
                                  Machine Type CNC router engraving machine
                                  Operating Voltage AC 110V or AC 220V
                                  Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
                                  Number of Motor Axis 3 axis 4 axis (added a rotation axis)
                                  Effective Working Travel 300 (X ) mm x 400 (Y) mm x 60 (Z) mm
                                  Shape Dimension 610 x 480 x 400mm
                                  Max.Workpiece Dimension 70mm
                                  Work Table Dimension 320mm x 530mm
                                  Carving Deepth 55mm
                                  Frame Materials Aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061
                                  Driving Units X Axis 1204 trapezoidal screws
                                  Driving Units Y Axis 1204 trapezoidal screws
                                  Driving Units Z Axis 1204 trapezoidal screws
                                  Sliding Units X Axis Dia.16mm chrome plate shafts
                                  Sliding Units X Axis Dia.16mm chrome plate shafts
                                  Sliding Units Z Axis Dia.12mm chrome plate shafts
                                  Stepper Motor Type Nema 23, two-phase, 1.8A
                                  Spindle Motor 300w DC motor
                                  Principal Axis Collet ER11/3.175 mm
                                  Spindle Speed 500-8000rpm/min (PWM stepless speed regulation)
                                  Repeat Accuracy 0.05mm
                                  Empty Line Speed 0-2500mm/min (16 subdivided driving down)
                                  Spindle Precision Radial beat acuities 0.03 mm
                                  Control Unit Triaxial one-piece drive + ring variable power + PWM speed
                                  Carving Instructions G code/ TAB files/ NC file/ NCC files
                                  Communication Interface Through parallel or USB connection with computer
                                  Software Environment All
                                  Maximum Speed
                                  Carving Speed 300-2500mm/min (different materials differ)
                                  Machine Weight 28 kg
                                  Certification CE, ISO
                                  Warranty 2 years
                                  Control Box Parameters
                                  Voltage AC 110V or AC 220V, 50Hz/ 60Hz (We also stock USA, UK, EU, AU plugs)
                                  Control Unit 2.5A stepper motor driver plus adjustable spindle speed controller
                                  Computer Connection On board palrallel port, USB
                                  Command Code G code
                                  Acceptable Software Only CNCUSB
                                  Protection Emergency stop button
                                  Package Included
                                  • 1x Engraving machine
                                  • 1x Control box
                                  • 1x Parallel cable
                                  • 1x Power cable (with a plug based on your selection)
                                  • 1x Tool box and tools
                                  • 3x Axis motors
                                  • 1x Rotary axis and tailstock (just for the 4 axis type router)
                                  • 2x Connect wires
                                  • CNCUSB software and machine manual

                                  Power Plug Selection

                                  CNC router power plug selection

                                  Tips: How to improve the processing quality of CNC router machine?

                                  3d图库1. Set the correct and reasonable processing path.

                                  Whether the path is correct and reasonable has a great influence on the processing quality. If the processing technology is not reasonable during programming, such as the path spacing is set too large, the setting of the cutting method is not reasonable, etc. will affect the final processing quality and cause the product surface roughness can not meet the requirements. If the path is set incorrectly, for example, if there is an overcut path, the product size will not meet the requirements directly.

                                  2. Set reasonable feed speed parameters.

                                  Whether the feed rate is appropriate will also affect the final product quality. For example, when finishing the surface, you cannot set a large aluminum profile machining center with a too high feed rate.

                                  3. Select the appropriate tool type and ensure that the tool quality and tool are within the normal wear range.

                                  In other words, it is necessary to ensure that the tool type and size are correct during processing, and that severely worn tools cannot be used. Only such processing quality can be guaranteed.

                                  4. Install high-quality engraving machine spindle bearings.

                                  How to Use

                                  3d图库1. Assembling and locating the CNC router machine on steady desk well.

                                  Step 1 of using cnc router

                                  2. Make sure that your computer has a on-board parallel port output.

                                  Step 2 of using cnc router

                                  3. Installing a CNC control software and Drive such as the CNCUSB on your computer.

                                  Step 3 of using cnc router

                                  4. Connecting the control box with the CNC router machine and your computer.

                                  5. Following our manual or guideline to set up the software.
                                  6. You can enjoy making you dream with using our CNC router machine now.
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