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                      Tension/Compression Load Cell, Low Profile, 500kg/30 ton to 100 ton

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                      Low profile load cell also known as pancake load cell, has flat design, high strength and good symmetry. Tension and compression load cell can be applied for platform scale, truck scale, rail weighbridge and material level measurement and control in warehouse, with good anti-eccentric load performance, low height, all sealed structure and complete specifications.
                      SKU: ATO-LC-P02
                      Free Shipping Worldwide
                      Delivery date: 6-20 days

                      Tension and compression load cells have capacity range from 500kg, 5 ton, 30 ton, 50 ton to 100 ton. Load cell capacity can be customized according to customer requirements.
                      After purchasing one ATO load cell, you can buy a special digital panel meter to obtain readings directly, or buy a transmitter to output standard signal to PLC, DCS and other systems. Customized output signal is 0~5V, 0~10V, 0~±10V, or 4-20mA.


                      Model ATO-LCST-TJH-4B
                      Shipping weight 1.5~50kg
                      Capacity range * 500 kg~100 ton
                      Accuracy 0.05%F.S (linearity + hysteresis + repeatability)
                      Sensitivity 2.0±0.1mV/V
                      Creep ±0.05%F.S/30min
                      Zero output ±1%F.S
                      Temperature effect on zero ±0.05%F.S/10℃
                      Temperature effect on output ±0.05%F.S/10℃
                      Operating temperature -20℃~+65℃
                      Input impedance 380±10Ω or 750±15Ω
                      Output impedance 350±3Ω or 700±5Ω
                      Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ
                      Safety overload 150%F.S
                      Bridge voltage (excitation voltage) DC 10V
                      Material Alloy steel or stainless steel
                      Protection class IP67
                      Cable length 2m (<5ton), 5m (≥5ton)
                      Wiring EXC+: Red, EXC-: Black, SIG+: Green, SIG-: White

                      Load cell dimension:

                      Capacity Dimension (mm)
                      ΦA ΦB ΦC ΦF M H E
                      500kg~7 ton 105 88.9 6.5 32 M16*1.5 37 34
                      10~25 ton 125 101.6 8.5 39 M32*1.5 52 48
                      30~50 ton 145 116.8 10.5 50 M40*1.5 58 54
                      60~100 ton 205 162 12.5 80 M60*2 85 78

                      Compression load cell low profile 200kg to 100 ton dimension
                      Accessories dimension (accessories can be purchased in drop-down lists):

                      Capacity Compression head dimension (mm)
                      Φ L1 L M SR
                      500kg~7 ton 31 13 28 M16*1.5 80
                      10~25 ton 38 24 51 M32*1.5 120
                      30~50 ton 50 32 62 M40*1.5 200
                      60~100 ton 80 42 80 M60*2 280

                      Compression load cell low profile 200kg to 100 ton accessories dimension
                      Load cell module dimension (*module needs to be purchased separately):

                      Capacity Dimension (mm)
                      L L1 A A1 H H1 Φ
                      500kg~7 ton 160 135 115 90 100 20 11
                      10~25 ton 200 160 160 125 145 25 13
                      30~50 ton 240 200 180 135 175 30 17
                      60~100 ton 300 260 240 200 240 35 17

                      Compression load cell module dimension

                      Existing reviews of Tension/Compression Load Cell, Low Profile, 500kg/30 ton to 100 ton
                      10 ton load cell for universal testing machine
                      I customized one 10 ton load cell which is used for the universal testing machine. After the customer service staff patiently explained, I understood the resistance also needed to be customized. Now I receive my load cell and can use it directly after finishing connection! The load cell accuracy is very good, load cell is very good, and the after-sales is also very good!
                      From: Cameron | Date: 20/12/2018
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                      Question about load cell
                      I'm wondering if your load cell is affected by magnetic fields?
                      From: Cory Salvesen | Date: 01/04/2019
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                      ATO Responded
                      Yes, the output voltage signal of the Load Cell will be affected by the magnetic field, it is propotional to strength of the magnetic field.
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                      5 Digit Display Controller for Load Cells

                      SKU: ATO-DPM-LC5D
                      Digital panel meter can cooperate with load cells, force sensors and weighing sensors, two outputs for data comparison, digital panel meter can display gross, net, peak and valley value alternately.

                      Digital Load Cell Amplifier, Output 4-20mA/0-10V/RS485

                      SKU: ATO-LCTR-OAR
                      High precision load cell amplifier has a 6 digit LED display, output signal 4-20mA/0-10V/RS485. There are 3 keys for parameter settings. Digital load cell amplifier can be calibrated on-line by its 3 keys. The setting parameters include zero, capacity, communication rate, division value, decimal digits, etc.

                      Load Cell Junction Box for Scales, 2/3/4/6/8/10 Inlets to 1 Outlet

                      SKU: ATO-LCBOX-10I
                      Multi-channel load cell junction box has 2/3/4/6/8/10 inlets and 1 outlet, aluminum alloy casing, good anti-interference, special for waterproof sealing joint, waterproof and dustproof rubber gasket for cover, easy to assemble and debug. Each channel can be adjusted balance to prevent damage to the sensor caused by inductive lightning and surge signals.

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