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                              Conductivity Meter

                              The conductivity meter is a special instrument for measuring the conductivity of liquids. It has the functions of multi-range measurement and temperature compensation, can meet the measuring requirements of various liquids from deionized water, pure water, tap water to seawater. According to the conductivity constant to select the matching conductivity electrode, the measuring range of conductivity meter can be 0 ~ 200mS/cm. Conductivity meters can be divided into online conductivity meters (used in field) and portable conductivity meters (used in laboratory) according to the application. Now the conductivity meters have been widely used in the process of conductivity online measurement and wastewater treatment of power plants, water plants, papermaking, chemical, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, and also in high-purity water production of the semiconductor industry.

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                              Digital Conductivity Meter for Online Measurement, 4-20mA/RS485

                              SKU: ATO-CDTYM-20
                              Digital conductivity meter has functions of automatic temperature compensation, automatic alarm for upper and lower limits, isolated analog signal output 4-20mA, RS485 remote communication, power-down memory, etc. Conductivity meter adopts anti-static metal paint, sealed waterproof back cover and sealed waterproof joints can improve anti-interference ability, anti-corrosion ability and stability. Online conductivity meter and matched 4 conductivity electrodes have measuring range from 0.02μS/cm~0.02mS/cm to 0.02mS/cm~20mS/cm, can be used for online conductivity monitoring of different liquids such as pure water, tap water, sewage, and concentrated liquid.

                              Electrical Conductivity Meter for Water, 200mS/cm, DC 9V

                              SKU: ATO-CDTYM-200
                              Electrical conductivity meter with a conductivity electrode (K=1) has measuring range 0~200mS/cm, power supply DC 9V, accuracy ±1.0%FS. It also has functions of automatic celebration, automatic temperature compensation and automatic storage. Electrical conductivity meter can be used for conductivity monitoring of various liquids in laboratory.

                              Portable Conductivity Meter, 100mS/cm, 220VAC

                              SKU: ATO-CDTYM-100
                              Portable conductivity meter with measuring range 0~100mS/cm, power supply 220VAC, accuracy ±1.0%FS can be used for conductivity monitoring of various liquids in laboratory. It has a platinum black conductivity electrode, a temperature sensor and optional conductivity electrode K=0.01/0.1/1.0/10. Portable conductivity meter also has automatic/manual temperature compensation and a mutli-function electrode bracket for holding two electrodes at the same time.

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