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                            Control Transformers

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                            500VA Control Transformer, 240V to 110/36/24V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK500VA
                            High efficiency single phase 500VA capacity control transformer is applicable for AC 50/60Hz, fully electric isolation between primary side and secondary sides, is designed to step down 240V input voltage to 110/36/24V three sets of output voltages.

                            800VA Control Transformer, 220/380V to 120/48V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK800VA
                            Control and lighting purposed mini dry type air automatic mode transformer with 800VA capacity, single phase, 2 groups of 220/380V primary voltages and 2 groups of 120/48V sencondary voltage. Step down control transformer is suitable for circuit of AC 50/60Hz.

                            1000VA Control Transformer, 380V to 208/36V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK1000VA
                            Best quality and low price 1kVA isolation control transformer enameled copper wire or aluminum wire, used in 50/60Hz, transforms single phase 380 volt to 2 groups output of 208/36 volt, input/output voltage is customizable as your need.

                            2000VA Control Transformer, 240/480V to 220/36V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK2000VA
                            Industrial control transformer on sales, features with 2000VA capacity, single phase, step 240/480V dual primary down to 220/36V dual secondary, H insulation level assure safe operation and long life. Input/output voltage can be customized as your requiements.

                            3000VA Control Transformer, 440/460/480V to 120/24V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK3000VA
                            This best industrial control transformer has 3000VA power rating, 1- phase, and step down the 440/460/480V three sets of primary voltages to 120/24V dual secondary voltage, it is usually used in machine tool working as local lighting, power of indicator light or the machine control electric appliance.

                            4000VA Control Transformer, 240/480V to 208/110V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK4000VA
                            Hot sale 4kVA single phase control transformer step down 240/480V dual input voltage to 208/110V dual output voltage, fully electric isolation between primary side and secondary sides, is suitable for circuit of AC 50/60Hz and rated voltage 500V and below.

                            5000VA Control Transformer, 380V to 230/120V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK5000VA
                            Dry type air cooling transformer is 1 phase 5000VA, H class enameled copper wire or aluminum wire, transforms 380 volt to 230/120 volt, input/output voltages can be customized as your need, just confirm us when place the order.

                            6000VA Control Transformer, 220/440V to 120/48/12V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK6000VA
                            Cheap price 6kVA single phase control transformer applicable to 50/60Hz, step down 220/440V primary voltage to 120/48/12V three groups of secondary voltages, with advantages of excellent performance, reliable operation, mainly work for control and lighting purpose.

                            8000VA Control Transformer, 240V to 110/24V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK8000VA
                            8kVA 1 phase industrial control transformer with affordable price, is suitable for circuit of AC 50/60Hz and step down 240V input voltage to 110/24V dual output voltage, fully electric isolation between primary side and secondary sides, H class enameled wired ensure long service life.

                            10kVA Control Transformer, 230V to 110/36V

                            SKU: ATO-T-BK10KVA
                            Best and cheap industrial control low voltage transformer used in 50Hz/60Hz, has 10kVA power rating, designed to step down single phase 230 volt primary voltages to 110/36V dual secondary voltage, fully electric isolation between primary side and secondary sides.

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