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                                  Crane Scale

                                  3d图库ATO crane scale is a hook scale that used for weighing the goods needed to be loaded/unloaded/transferred. It is usually installed under the crane or lifting equipment. A crane scale is consists of high-strength hook, shackle, display controller, load cell, metal casings, front and back covers and protection board. Crane scale has a special wireless infrared remote controller, and also can be connected to a large wireless screen for convenient reading. Because of the advantages of multi-functions, high precision, strong anti-cheating ability and low maintenance cost, now crane scale has been widely used for logistic/ warehouse/ factory/ dock/ trading market OCS (online charging system). The crane scales with capacity higher than 30 ton are used for material delivery in metallurgy, railway, industrial and mining companies.

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                                  Mini Crane Scale 30kg/60kg/150kg/200kg/300kg to 500kg

                                  SKU: ATO-CRS-500
                                  Mini crane scale with aluminium alloy housing has capacity from 30kg/60kg/150kg/200kg/300kg to 500kg, accuracy standartd OIML class III, can be used for hoisting, dock loading and unloading, stock counting, etc. Electronic crane scale has multi-functions of tare, zero, data hold, overload warning, low battery alarm, backlight and automatic power off. The continuous operation time of crane scale is 80 hours.

                                  Crane Scale 2 ton/3 ton/5 ton/10 ton/15 ton to 20 ton

                                  SKU: ATO-CRS-20T
                                  OCS crane scale has capacity from 2000kg (2 ton) / 3000kg (3 ton) / 5000kg (5 ton) / 10000kg (10 ton) to 20000kg (20 ton), accuracy standartd OIML class III, can be used for process weighing and trade weighing under crane or lifting equipment. Crane scale with one-piece load cell and cast aluminium housing has protection class IP54. Digital crane scale has optional weighing units kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs) on panel. The continuous operation time of rechargeable battry is 50 hours at least.

                                  Digital Crane Scale 30 ton/50 ton

                                  SKU: ATO-CRS-50T
                                  Digital crane scale with seamless steel pipe housing has a 5 digits red LED display with optional weighing units kg / lbs and a wireless infrared remote controller. Crane scale has high capacity 30000kg (30 ton) / 50000kg (50 ton), accuracy standartd OIML class III, protection class IP65, battery continuous operation time 100 hours, can be used for weighing under overhead crane or heavy duty lifting equipment in the process of lifting, loading or unloading.

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