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                                  Current Transformer Tester

                                  Current transformer tester prices as listed on the website. ATO cheap price current transformer CT PT tester is a multi-functional field test instrument specially designed for polarity test, volt-ampere characteristics, ratio, polarity, error curve, calculation of inflection point and secondary side circuit inspection. The CT PT analyzer supports data saving and on-site printing. The test data can be uploaded to a computer for editing, saving or printing via the USB interface.

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                                  Current Transformer Analyzer CT PT, 220V

                                  SKU: ATO-HMCTP-100P
                                  Cheap price CT PT analyzer for current transformer testing, AC output voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz, measurement accuracy ±0.2%, with advanced design, stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high degree of automation and high test efficiency.

                                  Current Transformer Analyzer CT PT, 110V/220V

                                  SKU: ATO-CT-HM404
                                  CT PT analyzer for sale, low price, input voltage 110V or 220V, frequency 50Hz/60Hz, current transformer tester is used for the excitation characteristics, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, ratio difference and angle difference of CT, PT electromagnetic units.
                                  Current Transformer Tester

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                                  $8868 $15650

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