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                    DC Servo Motors

                    ATO series brushless DC servo motors3d图库 has 100W to 3000W rated power and 0.31Nm to 19Nm rated torque for the applications requied low speed and high torque. They are designed to used at 24V/48V DC voltage, feedback with 2500PPR increment encoder and achieve higher accuracy and resolution. And they offer more torque per weight, efficiency, reliability and reduced radio frequency noise. ATO strives to provide best servo motors with the faster delivery times and lower cost. Buy a right DC servo motor to meet your exact requirements now!

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                    100W 24V 3000rpm 0.31Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC60S100
                    Brushless DC servo motor with 100W, 3000rpm rated speed, no-load speed up to 3300rpm, 5.4A at 24V DC voltage, rated torque of 0.31Nm and peak torque of 0.95Nm, 2500PPR incremental encoder attached.

                    200W 24V 1500rpm 1.27Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC80S200
                    High performance 200W DC servo motor is designed for rated voltage of 24V with 9.4A current. 80mm flange size, rated speed of 1500rpm and rated torque of 1.27Nm, equiped with 2500 PPR incremental encoder.

                    400W 24V 1500rpm 2.25Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC80S400
                    Best and high precision DC servo motor on sales, it has 400 watt power rating, 21.3A current at 24V DC voltage, providing 2.25 holding torque and 1500 rpm low speed. IP55 for body, long life and high reliable, free shipping from Chinese factory directly.

                    500W 48V 1500rpm 3.1Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC110S500
                    500 watt brushless DC servo motor with low rated speed of 1500 rpm, max speed up to 1700rpm, rated holding torque of 3.1 Nm, maximum output torque up to 10.8 Nm. IP55 rated protection, operates at 48V DC, 2,500 PPR incremental encoder attached.

                    800W 48V 1500rpm 5Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC110S800
                    Powerful 800W brushless DC servo motor for sale, it features 110mm compact flange size and IP55 rated protection, 22A current at 48V DC, feedback with attached 2500PPR incremental encoder. It's a good solution in applications that need low rotation speed of 1500rpm and high holding torque of 5Nm.

                    1000W 48V 1500rpm 6.3Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC1000
                    ATO 48V DC servo motor with 6.3 Nm high holding torque, power rating of 1000W, rated speed of 1500rpm, no-load speed up to 1700rpm, maximum output torque up to 22 Nm. Best and low cost brushless DC servo motor, equiped with 2500PPR incremental encoder.

                    1200W 48V 2500rpm 4.5Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC1200
                    1.2 kW high performance DC servo motor, 48V DC supply voltage, rated speed of 2500 rpm, rated torque of 4.5Nm, peak torque of 15.7 Nm. Brushless design servo motor with incremental encoder, come with a 110mm square flange size, IP55 degree of protection.

                    1500W 48V 1500rpm 9.5Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC1500
                    Powerful 1500W brushless DC servo motor comes with 110mm square flange size, compact and light weight, feedback with the accompanying 2500 PPR incremental encoder. It is designed for rated voltage of 48V with 33A current, allowing for low speed of 1500rpm and high torque of 9.5Nm.

                    2000W 48V 2500rpm 7.6Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC2000
                    2kW brushless servo motor with 2500rpm rated speed and 7.6Nm holding torque, works at 48V DC voltage, equiped with a 2500PPR incremental encoder, IP55 for protection, is designed to deliver good performance and efficiency at an economical price.

                    3000W 48V 1500rpm 19Nm DC Servo Motor

                    SKU: ATO-SERVO-DC3000
                    This provided DC servo motor with 3000W high power rating, 130mm compact flange size, 2500PPR incremental encoder, allowing for a high torque of 19Nm and low speed of 1500rpm. Its no-load speed is 1700rpm and peak torque is 57Nm, designed for 48V DC voltage.

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