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                          Diesel Generator

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                          3kW Portable Diesel Generator, Single Phase

                          SKU: ATO-DG-3K
                          Silent enclosure type 1 phase portable diesel generator direct sale form factory and has competive price, 3000rpm for 50Hz, 3600 rpm for 60Hz, powered by 6hp 4-stroke air-cooled single cylinder direct injection diesel engine.

                          5kW Silent Diesel Generator, 1 Phase/3 Phase

                          SKU: ATO-DG-5K
                          Portable single phase or three phase super silent diesel generator on sales, rated power 5kW, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled, 10hp diesel engine with electric start. CE, EPA, ISO9001-2000 approved, 110V, 230V, 240V AC voltage can be chosen.

                          6kW Silent Diesel Generator, 1 Phase/3 Phase

                          SKU: ATO-DG-6K
                          6kW @50Hz 6.5kW @ 60Hz diesel generator is super silent and with good price, powered by 4 stroke Air cooled direct injection diesel engine, wheels for easy move. Three phase and single phase generators both are available.

                          7kW Silent Diesel Generator, 1 Phase/3 Phase

                          SKU: ATO-DG-7K
                          Hot sale portable and silent enclosure type single phase diesel generator with 7KW at 50Hz, 8kW at 60Hz, 1-phase and 3-phase alternators are available for selection. 15hp single cylinder air cooled diesel engine, 15L large fuel tank, ensuring hours of continuous output.

                          8kW Portable Diesel Generator, 1 Phase/3 Phase

                          SKU: ATO-DG-8K
                          Best Quality!! Air-cooled electric start silent type diesel generator with CE, EPA approved, 8KW at 50Hz or 8.5KW at 60Hz, DC 12V 8.3 Amps charging facility, 15L large fuel tank, ensuring hours of continuous output. ATO provides single phase and three phase portable generator and the AC output voltage can be customized.

                          9kW Silent Diesel Generator, 1 Phase/3 Phase

                          SKU: ATO-DG-9K
                          Air-cooled 2-cylinder silent diesel generator with CE/EPA certificate, best performance and low price. 9kW @ 50Hz or 10kW @ 60Hz, 12 volt DC auxiliary charging, 1-phase and 3-phase generators are available and ATS, digital LCD control panel are optional.

                          10kW Silent Diesel Generator, 1 Phase/3 Phase

                          SKU: ATO-DG-10K
                          10kW portable and silent enclosure type diesel generator with good price and high performance, 3000rpm for 50Hz, 3600rpm for 60Hz, powerful 25HP 2-cylinder 4-stroke air cooled diesel engine. CE/EPA approved, single phase or three phase generator is in stock.

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