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                    Digital Panel Meter

                    3d图库Digital panel meter is an instrument that has an analog-to-digital converter and displays the value of the measured variables as a decimal number. It is equipped with all kinds of sensors and transmitters to collect, display, control, transmit, communicate and print various signals such as displacement, temperature, force, pressure, liquid level, torque, speed, flow, current and voltage in the field. Digital panel meters input the measurement results as digital form into computer, and constitute digital acquisition system and control system to realize process automation.

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                    Digital Panel Meter for Displacement Sensor 4 Digit

                    SKU: ATO-DPM-DS4D
                    Single channel digital panel meter cooperate with all kinds of analog output sensor and transmitter, realize measurement, conversion, display, transmitting, record and control, zero clearing at any time.

                    Digital Panel Meter for RTD/Pressure/Level Sensor, Double 4 Digit

                    SKU: ATO-DPM-USD4D
                    Intelligent digital panel meter has double 4 digit LED for PV and SV display. Digital display controller also has optional fuctions of 2 alarms, 1 transmit analog signal or RS485/232 output, additional power supply (DC 24V) for sensors. Digital panel meter can be used for various sensors and transmitters, such as temperature sensor (themocouple B/S/K/E/T/J/R/N type and RTD Cu50/Cu100/Pt100), pressure sensor, flow sensor, level sensor, displacement sensor (0-500Ω/0-350Ω output), transmitter (0-20mA/4-20mA/0-5V/0-10V output).

                    5 Digit Display Controller for Load Cells

                    SKU: ATO-DPM-LC5D
                    Digital panel meter can cooperate with load cells, force sensors and weighing sensors, two outputs for data comparison, digital panel meter can display gross, net, peak and valley value alternately.

                    Digital Torque Meter for Dynamic Torque/Speed/Power, 5 digit

                    SKU: ATO-DPM-RTS5D
                    Digital torque meter with 3-channel 5 digit LED can real-time display dynamic torque, speed and power value. The measuring range of torque can be -99999~99999 Nm (display value is 0~99999 Nm). Digital panel meter for rotary torque sensor has power supply AC 220V, measuring speed 25 times/s, output analog signal 4-20mA, optional communication output RS485/RS232, optional external power supply DC 15V/24V.

                    Digital Panel Meter for Potentiometers 5 Digit

                    SKU: ATO-DPM-DS5D
                    Single channel digital panel meter can cooperate with displacement sensors, linear position sensors, potentiometers, etc. 16-bit A/D converter, zero clearing at any time.

                    Precision Digital Panel Meter for Grating Ruler 7 Digit

                    SKU: ATO-DPM-GR7D
                    Multichannel digital panel meter for precision linear displacement sensor has power failure memory function, anti-interference, high-precision, high-speed, anti-vibration, greasy dirt resistance.

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