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                Digital Readout

                Multi-function ATO DRO digital readout used for a variety of processing, such as milling machine, lathes, surface grinders, grizzly planer ang optical comparator. Cooperate with the displacement of the grating ruler can realize accurate display and automatic control. ATO provides 1 axis, 2 axis or 3 axis DRO digital readout, other requirements can be customized.
                Each digital readout is strictly aging, inspection, to ensure the stability and reliability of long time work, low maintenance cost.

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                1 Axis Digital Readout, DRO for Mills, Lathes

                SKU: ATO-DR-WE100
                Single DRO axis digital readout, resolution 0.05um, 0.1um, 0.2um, 0.5um, 1um, 2um, 5um, 10um, 20um or 50um. Input voltage DC 9V, 50Hz-60Hz, for milling machine and metal lathes, low cost and free shipping.

                2 Axis Digital Readout, DRO for Mills, Lathes

                SKU: ATO-DR-WE68002
                High precision digital readout 2 axis, resolution 0.1um, 0.2um, 0.5um, 1um, 5um, 10um or 50um, input voltage 90-240V. DRO digital readout can be connected with linear scale or encoder to meet the processing and measurement requirements of various machine tools, such as milling machine, lathes and table saw fence.

                3 Axis Digital Readout, DRO for Mills, Lathes

                SKU: ATO-DR-WE68003
                DRO digital Readout 3 axis, input signal TTL, resolution 0.2 um, 5 um, um, um 20, or 50 um. Can be used for milling machine, lathes, surface grinders, grizzly planer ang optical comparator. The maximum measured length is 900mm, simple operation, stable and reliable.

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