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                              Electric Pressure Washer

                              Electric pressure washer is a machine that flushes the surface by using a power unit to generate high-pressure water from a high-pressure piston pump. It can remove dirt and wash away to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of objects. This cleaning method has no special requirements on the material, characteristics shape and type of dirt of the equipment, only direct spraying is required.
                              ATO mobile electric power washer is widely used in housing, commercial and industrial, efficient cleaning of car, metal, concrete and brick, wooden surface, grill, and boat, reducing your burden.

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                              1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

                              SKU: ATO-EPW-1600
                              1600 psi electric pressure washer for sale, efficient cleaning of various surfaces, electric pressure washer for commercial and industrial, 2200W power, 220V/50Hz.

                              2500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

                              SKU: ATO-EPW-2500
                              Industrial electric high pressure washer 2500 psi, 3.1kW power, flow 560L/h, efficient cleaning of car, metal, concrete and brick, grill, and boat, electric power washer is ideal. 220Vmobile high-pressure cleaner, easy to use.

                              2600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

                              SKU: ATO-EPW-2600
                              Commercial 2600 psi electric pressure washer, AC380V/50Hz, flow 720L/H, 4700W power, electric power washer can not only be used to clean cars, houses, floors, but also widely used in industry.

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