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                      Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

                      Electromagnetic clutches and brakes for sale, electromagnetic clutches and brakes prices as listed on the website, manufacturers direct sales, static torque 6Nm, 15Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 400Nm is available, max speed 1800r/min, rated voltage DC 24V.
                      ATO electromagnetic clutches and brakes have the characteristics of rapid response, durability and easy installation. They are widely used in construction, cranes, machine tools, stages, elevators, ships, packaging and other machinery.

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                      Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 6Nm/200Nm

                      SKU: ATO-EB-FBD
                      Cheap price electromagnetic brake for sale, static torque can select 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm, 50Nm, 25Nm, 15Nm, 6Nm, rated voltage DC 24V, max speed of 1800rpm, fast speed, easy installation and easy maintenance, manufacturer direct sales.

                      Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 15Nm/200Nm

                      SKU: ATO-EB-FBD1
                      Buy manufacturer price electromagnetic brake for crane, static torque 400Nm/200Nm/100Nm/50Nm/25Nm/15Nm/6Nm is available, DC 24V, max speed 1800r/min. Electromagnetic brake with high frequency operation and slight movement.

                      Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 25Nm/400Nm

                      SKU: ATO-EB-FBD2
                      Cost-effective electromagnetic shaft brake for sale, with compact design, static torque can choose 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm, 50Nm to 6Nm, rated voltage DC 24V, electromagnetic brake can be used in wet or dry environment.

                      Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 50Nm/400Nm

                      SKU: ATO-EB-FBI
                      Cheap price electromagnetic brake DC 24V, manufacturer direct sales, static torque 6Nnm/15Nm/50Nm/100Nm/200Nm/400Nm is optional, max speed of 1800rpm, efficient cooling scattered wet, fast response.

                      Electromagnetic Clutch, DC 24V, 100Nm/200Nm

                      SKU: ATO-EC-FCD
                      Electromagnetic clutch for sale, static torque can select 6Nm,15Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm to 400Nm, rated voltage 24V, max speed 1800r/min, small size, can transmit large torque, has the advantage of quick and stable braking, easy to automate machine tools.

                      Electromagnetic Clutch, DC 24V, 200Nm/400Nm

                      SKU: ATO-EC-FCI
                      Affordable price electromagnetic clutch with connection, disconnection, variable speed, reversible transmission, micro-motion positioning and overload protection functions, static torque 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm to 6Nm is optional, electromagnetic clutch can respond quickly, easy to install and maintain.

                      Electromagnetic Clutch, DC 24V, 6Nm/400Nm

                      SKU: ATO-EC-MCS1
                      Shaft mounted electromagnetic clutch rated voltage DC 24V, static torque 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm, 50Nm, 25Nm, 15Nm, 6Nm is available, smooth operation, low vibration, fast response and overload protection.
                      Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

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