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                                A power line filter, also known as EMI power line filter, is an electronic passive device which is installed between the power line and the equipment in order to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Due to high attenuation performance, EMI power line filters on tailingda.com are good solutions for EMI suppression, which provide EMI protection to a wide range of applications in the industrial areas for single-phase and 3-phase AC power. To achieve a higher performance in interference attenuation, 3-phase dual-stage EMI power line filters are also available here. Scroll down the page and select a high-performance line filter to protect your equipment or device from EMI/RFI.
                                ATO EMC filters for variable frequecny devices for sale now. The filter works on the input / output side of VFD, with current rating from 6A to 1000A and rated voltage 250V/440V AC 50Hz/60Hz. With low leakage current and high interference suppression capability, it is a best solution for protecting variable frequency drives, servo motors, and frequency converters and extend their service life.

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                                1A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-2101
                                Cheap 1A EMI power line filter, 1-phase 1-stage, rated voltage 115/250V AC 50/60Hz, small size and lead wire connection. High performance line filter can effectively suppress the electromagnetic noise between line to line and line to ground.

                                3A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-2103
                                General purpose 3A 1-phase single-stage EMI power line filter, rated voltage 115/250V AC 50/60Hz, high performance for noise suppression with compact size, easy mounting, and low price.

                                6A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-2106
                                6 Amp single-phase single-stage power line filter, rated voltage 115/250V AC 50/60Hz, general purpose EMI/RFI filter for various electrical equipment, electronics and devices with its competitive price and high performance.

                                EMI Power Line Filter 6A, 3 phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-1006
                                General purpose EMI line filter, 6 Amp rated current, three phase three wire, single stage, rated voltage 250V/440V 50/60Hz, compact size, easily connected with stud, low leakage current, excellent attenuation performance.

                                EMI Power Line Filter 10A, 3 phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-1010
                                EMI power line filter, 3-phase 3-wire, single stage, rated current 10A, operating frequency 50/60Hz and voltage rating to 250V/440V AC, connected with threaded stud, excellenct attenuation performance and favorable price.

                                20A EMI/RFI Power Line Filter, 3 phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-1020
                                EMI/RFI power line filter, three-phase three-wire single-stage, rated current 20 Amps and rated voltage 250V/440V AC. Low leakage current, compact design, threaded stud connection and excellenct attenuation performance.

                                Power Line Filter, EMI/RFI, 30A, 3 phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-1030
                                30A EMI/RFI power line filter, 3 phase 3 wire, single stage, rated voltage 250V/440V AC, 50/60Hz, compact size and stud connection, stable performance and low price, best 3-phase EMI filter for the industrial equipment.

                                EMI Line Filter, 40A, 3 phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-1040
                                3-phase 3-wire EMI line filter, single-stage, rated current 40A, rated voltage 440V AC, easy mounting with threaded stud, high performance in noise suppression yet low price.

                                EMI Line Filter, 50A, 3 phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-1050
                                Reliable single-stage EMI power line filter for 3-phase 3-wire electrical equipment, rated current 50A, voltage rating to 440V AC, threaded stud connection and compact structure, high performance and favorable price.

                                EMI Line Filter, 100A, 3 phase

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-10100
                                100A 3-phase single-stage EMI power line filter, rated voltage 250/440V AC, compact size, easy to install with stud connection, good performance in noise filter, high reliability and reasonable price.

                                10A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-2010
                                10A EMI line filter, 3-phase 3-wire, 2-stage, rated voltage 250/440V AC 50/60Hz, excellent performance of EMI suppression in the industrial equipment, compact size, stud connection, low price and high reliability.

                                20A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-2020
                                3-phase 3-wire EMI line filter in dual-stage configuration, current rating 20A, voltage rating 250/440V AC 50/60Hz, high performance, compact design, great EMI filter for servo system, motor drives, etc.

                                30A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-2030
                                3-phase 3-wire dual-stage EMI line filter, 30A rated current, 440V AC rated voltage, light weight and compact design, can effectively protect electrical equipment like packaging machine, servo system from noise interference.

                                50A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-2050
                                50A dual stage EMI line filter for 3-phase 3-wire power system, rated voltage 250V/440V AC 50Hz/60Hz, compact structure, easy to install and stud connection, excellent filtering performance in the range of 150KHz-30MHz.

                                80A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-2080
                                80A 3-phase 3-wire EMI line filter, dual stage, rated voltage 250/440V 50/60Hz, threaded stud connection, excellent performance in differetial mode, best filter for printing equipment, servo system, UPS, etc.

                                100A 3-phase Power Line Filter, 2 Stage

                                SKU: ATO-EMI-20100
                                3-phase 3-wire power line filter with dual stage configuration, 100A rated current, 250V/440V AC rated voltage, has a high performance in EMI/RFI shielding with favorable price and high quality.

                                EMC Input Filter for VFD, 10A/30A/50A/120A/200A to 1000A

                                SKU: ATO-EMC-730
                                High-performance EMC input line filter has excellent interference suppression capability to the input side of VFD at 3-phase 3-wire AC 250/440V 50/60Hz, available rated current 6A/ 10A/ 30A/ 50A/ 120A/ 200A to 1000A, low leakage current, threaded stud or quick connect, high quality and low price.

                                EMC Output Filter for VFD, 6A/20A/80A/150A/300A to 1000A

                                SKU: ATO-EMC-730T
                                Good quality EMC output filter for sale, designed for VFD load side to reduce the common-mode noise, protect the load and extend service life, 3-phase VFD output filter with rated voltage 250/440VAC 50/60Hz, current rating from 6 Amps to 1000 Amps, threaded stud or quick connect, high performance yet favorable price.

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