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                    Get a Discount

                    Try to get a discount on tailingda.com3d图库? You have 4 methods to get a discount.

                    1. Share a page, get up to 1% OFF;
                    2. Write a review, get up to $100 OFF;
                    3. Write an article, get up to 10% OFF, biggest saving;
                    4. Post a link, get up to $100 OFF, the easiest way.

                    3d图库All these methods will save you a certain part of cost when you place an order on tailingda.com

                    1. Share a page to get a coupon
                      1) You can share a product page (go to product page and click icons or "+" on right side) to your frequently used major social networks, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc. And then send us the shared web link. After confirming, we will immediately issue you a 1% off coupon.
                      Share product to get a coupon
                      The coupon code can be entered in the "DISCOUNT CODE" on the shopping cart page, then you can save 1% cost for this order. All the coupons no need to register or bind an account. You can get coupons by phone call, online chat or email conveniently.
                      Enter discount code before proceeding to checkout
                      2) If you have already bought products on tailingda.com, you can also share the products to major social networks, and then send us the shared link, we will add points* (equal to 1% discount) to your account. In this case, you can use these points when you purchase on tailingda.com in next time.
                      Note: For each order, you can share more than one product pages and tailingda.com will be so happy with your support. However, the discount you can get is only 1% off for each order.

                    2. Write a review to get points*
                      If you have already bought our products and felt good, you can submit reviews on the product page.
                      Write a review to get ATO points
                      As long as the content of review is suitable, we will give you 5~100 points, which can be used for your next order. You can log in and go to MY ACCOUNT - REWARD POINTS to check your point amount.
                      Check your ATO points status
                      Note: If you place orders as guest without register, you'll lose the opportunity to get or use points.

                    3. Write an article to get a discount
                      If you are familiar with industrial automation products, and have good experience on general principles, applications or operations. Please feel free to send us your original technical articles. We will give you a maximum 10% off discount in the form of GIFT CARD for your next order according to article content, so that you can save even more money.
                      The gift card code can be used in the "GIFT CARDS" on the shopping cart page.
                      Enter gift card code before proceeding to checkout

                    4. Post a link to get points*
                      Post our webpages on industrial automation forums, blogs or company websites, you will get 5~100 points.

                    Coupons, points and discounts are cumulative. Of course, you can send GIFT CARD code to your friends freely, so they will get the benefits of your efforts when they shopping on tailingda.com.

                    * 1 point equal to $1, you must register on tailingda.com to get the points.

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