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                              Hipot Tester

                              ATO AC/DC hipot tester series, frequency 50 Hz, capacity 1.5 kVA, 3 kVA, 50 kVA, 10kVA......(other capacities can be customized). The digital display controller can choose between a desktop controller and a box controller, electric control, manual control, and fully automatic control are optional.
                              Hipot tester is suitable for testing the safety withstand voltage and leakage current of various household appliances, power switches, wires and cables, transformers, terminal blocks, high-voltage bakelite electrical appliances, motors, medical, chemical, instrumentation, etc.

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                              1.5 kVA 50 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

                              SKU: ATO-HTGTB-1550
                              Low price high voltage hipoter test capacity 1.5 kVA, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 50 kV, it can be used for AC DC hipot test of cable, LCD display control box, convenient and easy to use. Special capacity can be customized, manufacturer direct sales.

                              3 kVA 50 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

                              SKU: ATO-HTGTB-350
                              High voltage AC/DC hipot tester, capacity is 3 KVA, high voltage 50 KV, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, dry type transformer tester, with LCD display control box, withstand voltage tester can be used to pressure test of polyethylene insulated power cable. Special capacity can be customized.

                              5 kVA 100 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

                              SKU: ATO-HTGTB-5100
                              Hipot tester manufacturer direct sale, 100 kV AC DC hipot tester capacity 5 kVA, 50/60 Hz sine wave, dry testing transformer with a LCD dispaly, can select manual control, automatic control and electric control, single phase, manufacturer direct sales.

                              10 kVA 100 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

                              SKU: ATO-HTGTB-10100
                              Best hipot tester for sale, hipot test equipment is composed of dry testing transformer and control box, 10 kVA capacity, 100 kV, 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency, 1 phase, can be used for AC DC hipot test of cable, box control and desktop control are optional. Other capacity can be customized.

                              5 kVA 50 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

                              SKU: ATO-HTGTB-550
                              High voltage AC DC hipot tester 5 kVA, input voltage 220V, output voltage 50 kV, 50 Hz and 60 Hz are optional, single phase, hipot test equipment with dry type testing transformer and a digital control box, can select box type and desktop tyepe control.

                              10 kVA 50 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

                              SKU: ATO-HTGTB-1050
                              High voltage AC DC hipot tester equipment with a dry type transformer and a box controlle, 50 kV, 10 kVA, 50/60 Hz frequency, 1 phase, can choose box type or desktop type controller, manual, automatic and electric controls are optional. Other capacities can be customized.

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