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                        (0) Shopping cart
                        You have no items in your shopping cart.
                        Shopping Categories

                          How To Buy

                          Thank you for visiting tailingda.com and placing orders.

                          3d图库(Pay extra costs)

                          In this page, we're going to show you how to buy a product on ATO.
                          Step 1: Login/register
                          You can login with your ATO account or facebook account. If you haven't an ATO account, you can click NEW CUSTOMER to register a new account. Or you can buy products as a guest without login.
                          How to buy step 1 login
                          Step 2: Adding a product to your shopping cart
                          Go to the product website you're going to buy, select the product attributes (price may change), and click ADD TO CART.
                          Then you can click GO TO CART to checkout or click fork to buy other products on ATO.
                          How to buy step 2 select product attributes
                          How to buy step 2 add a product to shopping cart
                          Step 3: Shopping cart
                          In shopping cart, there are some operations that you can perform.

                          1. Remove product from shopping cart.
                          2. Edit product attributes for a new change.
                          3. Change the quantity of product.
                          4. Update shopping cart to finish operation 1, 2, 3.
                          5. Enter your destination (Country must be selected).
                          6. Enter DISCOUNT CODE (If you have).
                          7. Enter GIFT CARDS (If you have).
                          8. For every order, you will earn points that can be used for next order. 1 point is worth 1 dollar. So remember to click points to save your money.
                          9. Click "I agree" and PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

                          How to buy step 3 shopping cart
                          Step 4: Checkout - Select a billing address
                          For first order, you should add a new billing address. Make sure all the information is accurate and effective.
                          How to buy step 4 select a billing address
                          Step 5: Checkout - Confirm payment information
                          How to buy step 5 confirm payment information
                          Step 6: Checkout - Confirm order information
                          How to buy step 6 confirm order information
                          If you want to change to another billing address at this point, you can go to MY ACCOUNT - ADDRESSES to add a new address or edit old addresses. Then repeat step 4 and select right billing address.
                          How to buy step 6 change address
                          Step 7: Payment
                          There are four payment methods on ATO.

                          • Debit or Credit Card
                          • PayPal
                          • Bank Transfer (ACH)
                          • Check

                          How to buy step 7 payment
                          After you finish the payment, your order and successful online payment shall be confirmed by e-mail.
                          Wish you a nice shopping experience!

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