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                          Hydraulic Pump Motor

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                          12V 500W Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2500rpm

                          SKU: ATO-HM-MD8015
                          12 Volt hydraulic pump motor for sale, 500W high torque DC motor, 2500rpm rated speed, rated torque is 2Nm, rated current with 70A. It can be used to oil pump, industrial machinery, garbage truck and snow removal vehicle.

                          12V 800W Hydraulic Pump Motor, 4000rpm

                          SKU: ATO-HM-MD8018
                          12 volt hydraulic pump motor for dump trailer, 800W, 4000rpm rated speed, rated torque is 3Nm. 12V hydraulic pump motor is widely used in bale bed, bale spike and hay bales, manufacturer direct sale.

                          2 hp (1.6 kW) 12V Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2600rpm

                          SKU: ATO-HM-MDW1142
                          2600RPM 12V hydraulic pump motor is 1.6 kW (2 hp), 12V DC motor, high rated torque of 5.4Nm, current with 200A. It can be used in dump trailer and lippert leveling systems, high quality manufacturers direct sales.

                          2.5 kW 12V Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2200rpm

                          SKU: ATO-HM-MDN1142
                          12V hydraulic pump motor is 2.5 kW, rated speed 2200rpm, rated torque 10.8Nm, 12V DC motor can be used in lifting equipment, dump truck, snow remonal vehicle. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and low noise.

                          2.8 kW 24V Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2200rpm

                          SKU: ATO-HM-MDN1242
                          2.8 kW hydraulic pump motor for lippert leveling systems, 24V DC motor, rated speed is 2200RPM, 12Nm high torque DC motor is widely used in dump trailer, hay spear, agricultural machinery and industrial machinery.

                          24V 500W Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2500rpm

                          SKU: ATO-HM-MD8025
                          Low price 24V hydraulic pump motor, 500W DC motor, rated speed of 2500RPM, rated current is 70A. It's can be used for dump trailer, lippert leveling systems and hay spear. High quality manufacturers direct sales.

                          3 hp (2.2 kW) 24V Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2600rpm

                          SKU: ATO-HM-MDW1242
                          12V hydraulic pump motor for dump trailer, 3 hp (2.2 kW), rated speed 2600rpm, high torque with 6.6Nm, 24V DC motor rated current with 140A, ATO hydraulic pump motors for a wide range of hydraulic applications and systems.

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