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                        Industrial Cameras

                        The industrial cameras on tailingda.com support GigE Vision and USB 3.0 Vision, and are available for the resolution from 0.3MP to 6.3MP, Mono or Color, format 1/4", 1/2", 2/3" etc. The industrial cameras features high frame rate, high resolution and cost-performance, which can widely applied in various detection, measurement, high-speed imaging and other visual applications. Besides, ATO also provide you high-performance industrial camera lenses. The lenses are fixed focus, C-mount and have various apertures avaliable. The industrial cameras and lenses are ideal choice for machine vision to capture sharp and clear photos.

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                        GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 0.3MP, 1/4" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-640
                        Industrial area scan camera for machine vision features Gigabit Ethernet inteface, resolution 640x480 (0.3 Mega Pixel), format 1/4" CMOS, pixel size 4.8μm x 4.8μm, max. frame rate available for 300fps or 120fps, Mono or Color chosen as required, high speed and stability, compact size and rugged housing.

                        GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 0.5MP, 1/3.6" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-800
                        800x600 pixel (0.5 MP) industrial machine vision camera, as a area scan camera, has max. frame rate 200fps or 120fps available, 8 bit or 10 bit depth, mono or color, which can be chosen at your request. It features 1/3.6" CMOS, Gigabit Ethernet inteface, global shutter, low cost and high performance.

                        GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 1.3MP, 1/2" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-130075
                        1.3MP GigE machine vision camera, area scan camera, has a max. resolution of 1280x1024 pixel, 1/2" format, 75fps maximum frame rate, global shutter type, COMS, GigE with long transmission distance, C mount for lens, professional SDK provided, cheap but best industrial camera for various detections and measurements.

                        GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 2.3MP, 2/3" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-200050
                        2.3MP GigE machine vision camera is a kind of area scan camera, with high resolution of 1920x1200 pixel, 2/3" format, max. frame rate up to 50fps, COMS, using advanced image sensor with global shutter, rugged and compact design, suitable for industrial visual applications.

                        GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 5.3MP, 1" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-500020
                        Industrial camera, 2592x2048 (5.3 Megapixel), is a best choice for machine vision applications, with format 1" CMOS, 20fps maximum frame rate, Gigabit Ethernet interface, C mount for lens, and available 8 or 10 bit depth, black and white or color selectable according to your requirements. High resolution, high speed and favorable price.

                        GigE Vision Industrial Camera, 6.3MP, 1/1.8" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-600018
                        GigE vision industrial camera, Mono or Color, resolution of 3072x2048 (6.3MP), 1/1.8" CMOS, pixel size 2.4μm x 2.4μm, max. frame rate 18fps, rolling shutter, optional 8-bit, 10-bit or 12-bit depth, GigE interface with long transmission distance, high cost performance, use advanced indsutrial image sensor, superior image quality and high resolution.

                        USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 0.3MP, 1/4" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-640815
                        This industrial CMOS camera features a resolution of 640x480 pixels (0.3 Mega Pixel), 1/4" format, high frame rate up to 815fps and global shutter, high-speed data transmission by USB 3.0 and power supplied with USB, to guarantee a high image quality and stability.

                        USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 0.5MP, 1/3.6" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-800545
                        USB 3.0 Mono or Color iddustrial camera is low price but high stability and performance in machine vision system with max. resolution 800x600 pixel (0.5 MP), 545fps max. frame rate, 1/3.6" format, CMOS, global shutter, C mount for lens, and optional 8-bit or 10-bit depth.

                        USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 1.3MP, 1/2" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-1300210
                        1.3 Mega Pixel (1280x1024) industrial camera, Monochrome/Color, is compact size and rugged shell, equipped with global shutter, USB 3.0 interface, and has a feature of high frame rate 210fps, format 1/2" CMOS. This camera distinguishes itself by high reliability and high cost-performance.

                        USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 2.3MP, 2/3" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-2000150
                        High-speed USB 3.0 industrial camera is an arean scan camera with high stability in working and favorable price for sale, and it features 2.3 Megapixel or 1920x1200 resolution, format 2/3", max. frame rate 150fps CMOS, global shutter and C mount for lens, also able to choose black and white or color at the request.

                        USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 5.3MP, 1" CMOS, Mono/Color

                        SKU: ATO-CAMERA-500060
                        USB 3.0 area scan industrial camera with 2592x2048 (5.3Mega Pixel) and 60 fps is available for Mono or Color according to your requirement, and it has 1 inch format, CMOS, global shutter and works with high image quality and stability in complex environment.

                        Industrial Camera Lens, Fixed Focus, 1/1.8", 6mm, F/1.6, C-Mount

                        SKU: ATO-LEN-0616
                        1/1.8" 6.0mm F/1.4 fixed focus lens for industrial camera, manual iris, C-mount, has a resolution of 5 Mega Pixel with good image quality and nice color, an ideal choice for machine vision.

                        Industrial Camera Lens, Fixed Focus, 1/1.8", 8mm, F/1.4, C-Mount

                        SKU: ATO-LEN-0814
                        Manual iris fixed-focus lens is compact size and light weight for industrial camera with C-mount (1-32UNF), format 1/1.8", focal length 8.0mm, and aperture f/1.4, to capture high-quality photos with a resolution of 5 Mega Pixel.

                        Industrial Camera Lens, Fixed Focus, 2/3", 16mm, F/1.6, C-Mount

                        SKU: ATO-LEN-1616
                        This lens is fixed focus lens for C-mount (1-32UNF) industrial camera, with iris manually adjusted, 2/3" image size, 16.0mm focal length, and f/1.6 aperture, to deliver sharp and clear photos.

                        Industrial Camera Lens, Fixed Focus, 2/3", 35mm, F/2, C-Mount

                        SKU: ATO-LEN-3520
                        Compact and light F/2.0 lens, format 2/3", focal length 35.0mm, manual iris, fixed focus, C-mount for industrial camera, can provide realistic and clear photos for the users.

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