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                            Industrial Ethernet Switch

                            tailingda.com offers a variety of industrial Ethernet switches, with industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, security, easy-to-manage performance  and optimal price, efficient operation in harsh weather and industrial environments. Includes managed and unmanaged IP40 industrial Ethernet switches, optional multiple electrical port and optical fiber port combinations (8-port, 10-port, 16-port, 20-port, etc.), and dual 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC or single 100-240VAC/110-220VDC power supply, 10/100/1000 rugged din rail / rack mount Ethernet industrial switches with redundancy function, can adapt to the wide temperature environment of  -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C, applied in various industries, including power, energy, environmental protection, transportation, industrial automation and other fields.

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                            5 Port Managed Industrial Switch, Layer 2, Din Rail

                            SKU: ATO-EN5205C
                            Best selling 5 port Layer 2 managed 10/100Base Ethernet switch, except the traditional two 100MF(x) ports & three 10/100MT(x) ports, it also expanded 2 RS232/RS485/CAN ports, dual DC12~48V wide voltage power input backup, support MW-Ring (the recovery time<20ms) with broadcast storm suppression / Rate limit.

                            8 Port Unmanaged Industrial Switch, 10/100M, Din Rail

                            SKU: ATO-EN2208
                            10/100Mbps unmanaged 8 port Ethernet switches on sale, rugged Din-rail mounting Layer 2 switch, optional single 100-240VAC/110-220VDC or dual 12/24/48VDC power inputs, 100M fibre optical port and 10/100M electrical port optional interface configuration, making communication more smooth, reliable and faster.

                            8 Port Full Gigabit Unmanaged Industrial Switch, Din Rail

                            SKU: ATO-GE2208G
                            Best 8-port 10/100/1000Base-T full Gigabit Ethernet switch, with dual 12/24/48 VDC redundant power inputs, Din rail mounting and high-level EMC capability, 10/100/1000 self-adaption, full/half duplex, MDI/MDIX auto connection, IP40 rated metal housing and built-in relay warning function.

                            8 Port Managed Industrial Switch, 10/100M, Din Rail

                            SKU: ATO-EN6208
                            Favorable price 8-ports 10/100Mbps Ethernet managed switch, rugged din-rail mounted Layer 2 industrial Ring switch, optional 100M electric port + 100M fibre optical port, dual 12v 24v dc power input, support multiple management modes such as Console and Web, power-down alarm makes the use more assured.

                            8 Port Managed Industrial Switch, Layer 2, Din Rail

                            SKU: ATO-EN5208
                            8-port 10/100M managed din-rail industrial Ethernet switch, embedded with 8 10/100M Tx ports or 2 10/100M Fx ports + 6 10/100M Tx ports, pre-loaded with standard Layer 2 network management software, static multicast/IGMP snooping, IP40 rating and industrial grade wide temperature/ fanless design.

                            10 Port Gigabit Managed Industrial Switch, Din Rail

                            SKU: ATO-SCOM7210
                            High speed 10-port Gigabit managed Ethernet switch, rugged din-rail mounting, a variety of port combinations to choose from, dual DC12V/DC24V/DC48V power input available, MW-Ring and STP/RSTP for network redundancy, supports broadcast storm suppression / ring self-healing / port VLAN.

                            12 Port Full Gigabit Unmanaged Industrial Switch, Din Rail

                            SKU: ATO-GE2212G
                            12-port Gigabit Ethernet switch with Layer 2 unmanaged, 4 Gigabit fiber ports plus 8 Gigabit copper ports suitable for applications that require high-bandwidth data convergence, support DC 12v, 24v, 48v redundant dual power inputs, plug-and-play, ideal network solution for harsh industrial environments.

                            16 Port Unmanaged Industrial Switch, Layer 2, Rack Mount

                            SKU: ATO-EN2016
                            Industrial-grade standard 19-inch rack mounting Layer 2 unmanaged Ethernet switch, 16 10/100M Tx RJ45 ports, supports auto-negotiation, auto-MDI/MDI-X and other functions, single AC 85-264V and DC 110-370V isolate power supply, designed for industrial high-speed communication network applications.

                            16 Port Managed Industrial Switch, 10/100M, Din Rail

                            SKU: ATO-EN6216
                            Din-rail 100M managed Ethernet switch with 16 10/100MT(x) auto-negotiation ports, VLAN/ Qos/ Port link aggregation /port mirroring network management function, MW-Ring ring network technology (recovery time<20ms), provide a advanced industrial Ethernet communication solution.

                            20 Port Full Gigabit Unmanaged Industrial Switch, Rack Mount

                            SKU: ATO-GE3020G
                            Affordable 20 ports Gigabit Ethernet switch, 4 Gigabit SFP ports + 16 Gigabit RJ45 ports, unmanaged plug-and-play, support full/half duplex mode, wide range of DC 110-370V / AC 85-264V isolate power inputs, backplane bandwidth up to 40Gbps, ideal for applications that require high bandwidth and long distance communication.

                            20 Port Full Gigabit Managed Industrial Switch

                            SKU: ATO-SCOM7220G
                            Best cost performance full Gigabit managed Ethernet switch, with 4 Gigabit SFP ports plus 16 Gigabit RJ45 ports, optional dual 24vdc 48vdc and single AC/DC power supply, Layer 2 managment and 35mm DIN-Rail mounted, redundant Ethernet technologies such as MW-Ring, EAPS/MSTP/STP increase the reliability of your system.
                            Industrial Ethernet Switch

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