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                      Junction Box

                      Junction box is also called electrical junction box, terminal box or electrical enclosure. It is one of the auxiliary components for electricians and plays a transition role for the joints of electric wires. It protects and connects wires. Materials of ATO waterproof junction box include ABS engineering plastic, ABS box body + PC transparent cover and cast aluminum, users can select according to application environment. Waterproof grade is IP65/IP66/IP67. Waterproof junction box price is affordable, is very suitable for indoor and outdoor electrical connection projects.

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                      IP65 Waterproof Electrical Enclosure

                      SKU: ATO-WJB-65
                      The waterproof electrical enclosure is a junction box with protect level of IP65 rating. Materials can select ABS plastic or ABS box body + PC transparent cover. Appearance of the junction box is divided into two types with and without ears.

                      IP66 Waterproof Electrical Junction Box

                      SKU: ATO-WJB-66
                      The waterproof electrical junction box is made of ABS engineering plastic, ABS+PC, or aluminum, waterproof rating is IP66~IP67. The four corner fixing screws are plastic screws, and wall thickness of the box is 3~4mm. It is ideally suited as an enclosure for indoor/outdoor electrical junction projects.

                      IP67 Aluminum Waterproof Junction Box

                      SKU: ATO-WJB-67
                      The series of waterproof junction box is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, waterproof rating is IP67. Adopting silicone sealing strip, good sealing performance, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, anti-radio frequency interference, easy to process. Aluminum waterproof junction box is very suitable as electrical junction box for indoor and outdoor electrical engineering.

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