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                            Micro Load Cell, S type, 1kg/2kg/3kg/10kg to 50kg

                            5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews | Write a review
                            S type load cell can bear both tension and pressure, with good stability, good output symmetry, high accuracy, low temperature drift, compact structure and complete specifications. Micro load cell is suited to use in restricted spaces.
                            SKU: ATO-LC-S03
                            Free Shipping Worldwide
                            Delivery date: 6-20 days

                            Tension and compression load cells have capacity range from 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 10kg to 50kg. Load cell capacity can be customized according to customer requirements.
                            After purchasing one ATO load cell, you can buy a special digital panel meter to obtain readings directly, or buy a transmitter to output standard signal to PLC, DCS and other systems. Customized output signal is 0-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20mA.


                            Model ATO-LCS-DYLY-106
                            Weight 0.06kg
                            Capacity range * 0kg~50kg
                            Accuracy 0.03%F.S (linearity + hysteresis + repeatability)
                            Sensitivity 2.0±0.05mV/V
                            Creep ±0.03%F.S/30min
                            Zero output ±1%F.S
                            Temperature effect on zero ±0.03%F.S/10℃
                            Temperature effect on output ±0.03%F.S/10℃
                            Operating temperature -20℃~+80℃
                            Input impedance 350±20Ω
                            Output impedance 350±5Ω
                            Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ
                            Safety overload 150%F.S
                            Bridge voltage (excitation voltage) DC 5-15V, suggest DC 10V
                            Material Alloy steel
                            Protection class IP67
                            Cable length 2m
                            Wiring EXC+: Red, EXC-: Black, SIG+: Green, SIG-: White

                            Dimension (unit: mm):

                            Micro load cell s type 1kg to 50kg dimension
                            Tips: How to judge lead wire of load cell?
                            The output resistance of the load cell is generally 350Ω, 480Ω, 700Ω, 1000Ω. The input terminal will be conducted with temperature and sensitivity compensations. Therefore, the resistance of the input terminal will be 20~100Ω higher than that of the output terminal. Therefore, if the multimeter is used to measure the resistance value, the input and output terminals can be judged. Normally, the colors of the input and output terminals are red, black, green and white. They are respectively marked as EXC+, EXC-, SIG+ and SIG-.

                            In this video, ATO will show you how to wire a strain gauge load cell with a display controller.

                            Existing reviews of Micro Load Cell, S type, 1kg/2kg/3kg/10kg to 50kg
                            Load cell is used on robot and it works very well.
                            From: Schuster | Date: 24/05/2018
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                            Micro Load Cell
                            Hi, we want to buy a s type micro load cell with smaller size. Do you have one?
                            From: Schuster | Date: 20/07/2018
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                            ATO Responded
                            Hi,yes. We have another s type micro load cell with the smallest size 3*16*19.1mm/M3, capacity 0.5-10kg, accuracy 0.05%F.S. We will send specification to your mailbox. Any question please feel free to contact us.
                            Shield Wire
                            Is the shield wire connected to the load cell body?
                            From: Fahad | Date: 26/08/2019
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