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                      Moisture Meter

                      LCD display portable moisture tester uses the conductivity of the object to measure the moisture content. The higher the moisture content is, the higher the corresponding conductivity will be. The moisture content will be measured by measuring the conductivity of the measured object. The ATO moisture meters are applied in the grain, seed, bamboo products, textile and other industries. It can detects up to 25 grains, such as wheat, corn and barley, as well as wood, hay straw and wood chips.
                      Handheld Pin type moisture meter  has the characteristics of portability, simple use, quick and accurate measurement.

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                      Digital Grain Flour Moisture Tester, 11 Kinds of Powder Grain

                      SKU: ATO-MM-TK100G11
                      Digital grain moisture tester can test for 11 grains flour, including wheat, pddy, corn, flax and oats. LCD display, pin type, moisture measurement are instant. Light weight and high accuracy.

                      Digital Grain Moisture Tester for Wheat, 6 Kinds of Grain

                      SKU: ATO-MM-TK100G6
                      Portable digital grain moisture tester can detect 6 kinds of grain moisture content, such as wheat, paddy and corn. 4 digital LCD, 2 pin sensor. Measuring range 6-30%, simple and accurate measurement.

                      Digital Grain Moisture Tester, 25 Kinds of Grains

                      SKU: ATO-MM-TK25G
                      Digital grain moisture meter is used to accurate measure the moisture of soymeans, oats, corn, wheat, 25 kinds of grains can be detected. Measuring range 7-28%, LCD display. Low price and factory direct sales.

                      Digital Multifunctional Moisture Meter for Wood, Grain

                      SKU: ATO-MM-TK100
                      Multifunctional moisture meter can used for measuring the moisture content of wood, grains, fiber and bran, 4 digital LCD. Measuring range 0-80%, 2 pin, light weight and low cost. Digital display with back, light gives exact and clearly.

                      Digital Wood Sawdust Moisture Meter, Pin Type, LCD Display

                      SKU: ATO-MM-TK100W
                      Handheld wood moisture used for measuring sawdust, bamboo powder, measuring range 0-80%, pin type, LCD display. Humidty 5-90%, high sensitivity sensor, accuracy and reliability.

                      Portable Digital Hay Moisture Tester

                      SKU: ATO-MM-TK100H
                      Portable digital hay moister tester for sales, measuring range 0-80%, LCD display, pin type. The newly designed moisture meter with extensive probes suits to many materials moisture content testing, just as wood fiber, grains, hay straw and bran. Low cost and free shipping.

                      Digital Moisture Meter for Wood, LCD Display

                      SKU: ATO-MM-MS7100
                      Professional harbor freight wood moisture meter, pin type, with digital LCD display, wood moisture sensor measuring range 0 to 80%, it can measure wood moisture quickly and accurately.

                      Handheld LCD Wood Moisture Meter

                      SKU: ATO-MM-MT15
                      Cheap price handeld wood moisture meter for sale, measurement range 0~99.9%, high precision measurement, it can detect the moisture of 50 kinds of wood, the wood moisture tester body is strong, lightweight and easy to use.

                      Portable Digital Soil Moisture Meter

                      SKU: ATO-MM-PMS710
                      Buy cheap price soil moisture meter for indoor plants, measuring range 0-50%, digital LCD display is easy to observe at any time, it is a portable, sensitive moisture meter, manufacturer direct sales.

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