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                                  Monitoring Relays

                                  A monitoring relay is a protection device for phase and voltage monitoring of power system or equipment. The relay can be used to monitor important parameters in the power supply system including over-voltage, under-voltage, phase loss (phase failure), three-phase voltage imbalance, and phase sequence. Thus, it provides reliable relay protection for motors, pumps, fans, cranes, blowers, elevators, power distribution cabinet, air-conditioning system, and so on.
                                  tailingda.com offers a series of voltage monitoring relay for DC power, single-phase power and 3 phase power. The monitoring relay features compact size, easy to use, good performance, high reliability and favorable price. It is ideal choice for phase and voltage monitoring.

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                                  3 Phase Monitoring Relay, SPDT, Phase Failure/Undervoltage/Overvoltage

                                  SKU: ATO-MR-JVR
                                  Low price 3 phase monitoring relay with SPDT (1 C/O) contact, used for monitoring phase failure/loss, phase sequence, phase unbalance, overvoltage and undervoltage at the rated voltage of AC 220V, 380V, 440V, 460V, or 480V 50/60Hz, LED lights indicating working state, compact size and DIN rail mounting, provide a safe protection for electric motors, air compressors, pumps and other equipment or devices.

                                  DC Voltage Monitoring Relay, Under/Over Voltage, 12V/24V/48V DC

                                  SKU: ATO-MR-DVRD
                                  DC voltage monitoring relay with 2 C/O contacts (2 Form C or DPDT) provide protection for the equipment from undervoltage and overvoltage in DC circuit 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V, adjustable trip delay time, LED indicator for working state, DIN rail mounting, compact design, good quality and low price.

                                  Voltage Monitoring Relay, Under/Over Voltage, 1 Phase, 110-240V AC/DC

                                  SKU: ATO-MR-SVR1000
                                  Single phase voltage monitoring relay, suitable for undervoltage and overvoltage monitoring of DC 12V, AC/DC 24-48V or AC/DC 110V-240V, adjustable delay time, compact size relay with 1 CO & 1 NC contacts, real-time LCD for voltage, operation and fault status display, DIN rail mounting, high quality and low cost.

                                  Multifunctional Monitoring Relay, Phase/Voltage, 3 Phase, 208-480V AC

                                  SKU: ATO-MR-JVR8002
                                  Phase voltage monitoring relay, used for phase loss, phase sequence, voltage unbalance, overvoltage and undervoltage monitoring with 3 phase power supplied by 208-480V AC 50/60Hz, also with timer & counter function, 0.1-30s adjustable delay time, compact size relay with 1 CO + 1 NC contacts, real-time LCD display for voltage, fault and operation state, DIN rail mounting. High accuracy and favorable price.

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