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                              Oil Free Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 10L/min for Laboratory

                              Small laboratory oilless diagragm vacuum pump can work without need of pump oil, with flow rate 10L / 15L per min, and correspondingly ultimate vacuum pressure 0.075MPa / 0.08MPa, quiet and easy operation, helpful to create a clean and dry vacuum condition for lab experiement.
                              SKU: ATO-VP-1015L
                              Free Shipping Worldwide
                              Delivery date: 6-20 days

                              The oil-free diapragm vacuum pump is available in 10L/min and 15L/min flow rate, and the corresponding ultimate vacuum is 0.075MPa and 0.08MPa. Featuring small size, low noise, easy operation, stable performance and affordable price, the vacuum pump is mainly used for vacuum filtration and degassing to creat a clean and dry environment, which guarantee the media not to be polluted in the laboratory.


                              Model ATO-VP-10L ATO-VP-15L
                              Type Negative pressure
                              Flow Rate 10L/min 15L/min
                              Ultimate Pressure 0.075MPa 0.08MPa
                              Noise Level <40dB <45dB
                              Motor Power 20W 30W
                              Voltage 110-220V AC 110-220V AC
                              Valve Diaphragm NBR NBR
                              Protection Over load, over temperature and short circuit protection
                              Dimension 192x100x135mm
                              Weight 1.58kg

                              Vacuum Pump Details

                              Lab Oilless Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Details

                              Tips: What is an oil free vacuum pump?

                              3d图库Oil-free vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump that can work without any oil for lubrication. Compared with oil-operated vacuum pumps, oil-free vacuum pumps have a low degree of vacuum and a small amount of air extraction, but are small in size, easy to install, simple to maintain, easy to move, do not generate oil fume, and do not pollute the environment. Therefore, the oilless vacuum pump is especially suitable for laboratories with higher requirements. It is also one of the most commonly prepared equipment in the laboratory.

                              Therefore, when purchasing an oil-free vacuum pump, you must first determine the required vacuum pressure. If the demand for vacuum pressure is high, the selected vacuum pump must be higher than the required vacuum pressure; otherwise it will not meet the requirements of vacuuming. The second is the pumping flow rate of the oil-free vacuum pump, which must be slightly greater than the required flow rate when selecting the pump, so that it can better meet the needs. Finally, see if the extracted gas is corrosive. Corrosive gas will corrode the pump, so the vacuum pump with corrosion resistance wiil be chosen.

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