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                          Paperless Recorder

                          The paperless recorder records the collected data / calculated data in the storage system inside the instrument based on time. It does not consume any common recording materials, such as paper, pen and ink. The stored data recorded in the instrument is displayed on the LCD display after calculation and simulation.
                          The paperless recorder can collect a variety of data at the same time, commonly included: temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, voltage, current, humidity, frequency, vibration, speed and so on. It can input up to 48 channel signals simultaneously. The paperless chart recorder can directly display the recorded data on the LCD and in various forms, such as digital, bar graphs, curves, lists, and so on.
                          The paperless recorder has the characteristics of paperless recording, good real-time performance, high accuracy, communication, searchability and intelligence. The latest paperless recorder can also expand more functions, such as PID adjustment, flow accumulation and so on. It reduces the operating cost of the recorder, facilitated management, and improved work efficiency.
                          3d图库The main applications of paperless recorders are metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, building materials, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical, heat treatment and water treatment, and other industrial sites, as well as college laboratories, biological research laboratories, etc.

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                          Paperless Recorder 1/4/8/12/18 Channel Output RS485

                          SKU: ATO-PLR-CH18
                          3.5 inches paperless recorder can collect, calculate, display, and record data such as temperature, pressure, current, voltage and other input signals. It has different data display forms: Digital Display, Bar Graph, Real-time Curve, Alarm, History, etc. Paperless recorder with 1 USB data interface has optional AC/DC power supply, 18 input channels, 4 alarm outputs and 1 RS485 communication output.

                          Paperless Chart Recorder 48 Channel Output 4-20mA/EtherNet

                          SKU: ATO-PLR-CH48
                          7 inches paperless chart recorder has USB interface, SD card socket, EtherNet interface and mini-printer interface. The optional 48 input channels, 12 analog outputs, 18 alarm outputs and RS485/RS232/EtherNet communication output will satisfy the more needs of display/ recording/ storage/ calculation/ printing different signals. It adds several data display forms: File List, Print, Backup, Configuration, etc.

                          Paperless Recorder 8-40 Channel for Temperature/Pressure

                          SKU: ATO-PLR-CH40
                          10.4 inches paperless recorder has special function of square root computation and small-signal cutting in the flow measurement. It has optional 8-40 input channels, 8 analog outputs, 24 alarm outputs, 8 internal power suppliers and RS485/RS232/EtherNet communication output. Paperless recorder with 256M flash memory can be used for temperature, pressure, flow, level, voltage, current and frequency recording and monitoring.

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