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                              3d图库Refractometer is an optical instrument used in measuring liquid concentration (specific gravity). In addition to brix and alcohol content of liquid, it can also measure the concentration of coolant (antifreeze), salinity, honey, wort specific gravity, °Oechsle and Babo, etc. Refractometer is an instrument based on the principle that light has different refractive index when it enters liquid with different concentrations. It is a highly efficient tester commonly used in industries such as sugar, food, beverage, wine brewing, agricultural research, textile and mining machinery. ATO supplies various of digital portable refractometers with high precision and multiple measurement ranges to meet a variety of production and life needs.

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                              Alcohol/Brix Refractometer for Wine/Beer Brewing

                              SKU: ATO-ARM-6032
                              The digital refractometer is a hand held portable refractometer. Alcohol refractometer is used to measure the alcohol gravity, measurement range has optional 0~60% and 60~80%. Beer refractometer can measure brix scale of 0~40% and wort specific gravity of 1.000~1.130, is an ideal meter for beer raw juice measurement. Wine refractometer has a dual measurement range of alcohol and brix, alcohol range is 0~25%, and sugar measurement range is 0~40%. Fruit wine refractometer can measure 0~14 °Oe (Oechsle) and 0~27 KMW Babo. The refractometer combines the functions of alcohol refractometer and brix refractometer, it is ideal for beer and wine brewing.

                              Brix Refractometer, Salinity/Honey/Coolant/Alcohol Measurement

                              SKU: ATO-BRM-0082
                              Brix refractometer for sale is not a simple digital refractometer, it can be used as brix meter, salinity refractometer, honey refractometer, coolant refractometer, alcohol refractometer, and antifreeze refractometer. Refractometer price is affordable, has small size and lightweight. The hand-held design makes it portable and easy to maintain. The measurable specifications such as brix scale can select 0~90, 28~62, and 45~82.

                              Portable Refractometer for Coolant/Antifreeze

                              SKU: ATO-CRM-1090
                              The refractometer is a hand-held portable refractometer for measurement of concentration of water-soluble coolant, freezing point of ethylene or glycol-based antifreeze and specific gravity of battery acid. Measurement range of the coolant refractometer can select 0~10%、0~20%、0~32、0~50%、0~80%、0~90% brix and corresponding match scale 0.1%~0.5%. Refractometer price is inexpensive, has the advantages of simple structure, shockproof, convenient operation and clear vision.

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