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                                    Safety Switch

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                                    Emergency Stop Rope Pull Switch, 1NO 1NC, 6A/380VAC

                                    SKU: ATO-SFYS-PRS1
                                    Emergency stop rope pull switch is an one-way emergency stop switch special for belt conveyor. It is mainly used for the safety protection of the belt conveyor and preventing the belt from causing harm to the surrounding people. Emergency stop rope pull switch has 1NO and 1NC contactors with contact capacity 6A/380VAC, maximum rope length 20±2m, protection class IP65 and working life over 1 million times.

                                    Pull Rope Switch, 2-Way, 1NO 1NC/2NO 2NC, 5A/380V, 10A/500V

                                    SKU: ATO-SFYS-PRS2
                                    Pull rope switches have two-way pull rings, action angle 30°, optional contactors 1NO+1NC or 2NO+2NC, contact capacity 6A/380VAC, 5A/380V, or 10A/500V, return mode automatically/manually. Safety pull rope switch is specially used to send alarm signal and stopping signal for belt conveyor when there's an emergency. Cable pull switch also has optional shell of cast aluminum type, explosion-proof type, stainless steel type or square type, protection class IP65/NEMA4 and working life over 1 million times.

                                    Emergency Stop Switch for Belt Alignment Control, 5A/380VAC

                                    SKU: ATO-SFYS-BAS
                                    Emergency stop switch for belt alignment control is a 2-stage belt anti-alignment switch. It has optional two-stage action angle of 12°-30° / 10°-45° / 25°-35° / 15°-45°, 2NO+2NC contactors with contact capacity 5A/380VAC, optional shell cast aluminum or stainless steel, protection class IP67, working life over 1 million times.

                                    Safety Interlock Switch, 10A/500VAC, 4A/24VDC

                                    SKU: ATO-SFYS-STIS
                                    Safety interlock switches are mainly used for locking/detecting the guard door of mechanical equipment. They have 2/3/6 groups of contacts, a magnet coil with rated voltage DC 24V and a key with optional shapes. Safety door switch has contact capacity AC-15 10A/500VAC and DC-13 4A/24VDC. Safety interlock switch with protection class IP67 has waterproof connector or circular connector to choose. Some model has a guard door lock. The cable length can be also customizable.

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