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                              Air Random Orbital Sander, Vacuum, Hand-Held

                              SKU: ATO-ROS-2010356
                              Random Orbital sander is a pneumatic air sander with central vacuum system. Round sander can select sanding disc of 75mm (3 inch), 125mm (5 inch), 150mm (6 inch). Square sander can select sanding pad of 93*176mm, 112*220mm and 90*180mm. No-load speed can reach 7000rpm/10000rpm/12000rpm and has variable speed. Random orbital sander has hand-held design, small size, lightweight and various functions. It integrates the functions of polisher and grinder, is an ideal sanding tool for polishing and sanding wood floors, cutting and grinding metal/stone, sanding down old coats of paint, etc. Sanding methods are dry sanding and wet sanding.

                              Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander with Sanding Disc/Pad

                              SKU: ATO-WDS-370
                              The electric power sander is an ideal drywall sanding tools for sanding, smoothing, grinding, polishing and finishing the wall, ceiling and cement floor. Sander is a dry and wet dual-use product, can also be used for wet sanding drywall on concrete surface. Wet/drywall sander for has suitable size, can be operated by hand. Features easy operation, easy maintenance, dustless design, economical and environmentally friendly. Each sander is equipped with 3 pieces of sandpaper, 1 chassis, 1 sanding disc and 1 sanding sponge pad.

                              Air Sander Tool Cart with Dust Collector/Servo

                              SKU: ATO-ASTC-98
                              The integrated dustless drywall sanding system is equipped with air sander, tool cart, dust collector, servo system, sanding disc pad, vacuum hand planers and other sanding tools. The equipped random orbital sander is 6-inch round sander, adopts industrial-grade design, no-load rotating speed can reach 12,000 rpm. The dust collector has 36L large capacity, provides a dust-free, low-energy working environment for sanding process.

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