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                                Shopping Categories

                                  Supplier Portal

                                  Doing Business with tailingda.com

                                  3d图库tailingda.com is committed to providing reliable, high quality industrial automation products to our customers all over the world. We believe that our long-term reliable collaboration with our suppliers is critical to ATO success in meeting our customers’ expectations in all aspects of product quality, delivery, cost, technical support and so on.

                                  3d图库We support our suppliers to continuously improve their capability and value in their business. At the same time, we expect our suppliers to meet the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, security, ethics, sustainability and public registration. ATO always strives to achieve continued business success with our suppliers, resulting in a mutual benefit to both ATO and suppliers.

                                  Growing with tailingda.com

                                  To join our supplier team, you will identify more opportunities and gain more benefits:

                                  • Find more potential customers around the world
                                  • Boost your sales with less time and work
                                  • Accelerate the sales cycle while lowering the cost of sales
                                  • Strengthen customer relationships and increase customer retention
                                  • Increase brand awareness and maximize the success

                                  Supplier benefits

                                  Becoming a Supplier

                                  If you are interested in becoming a supplier to ATO, please share details about your company’s products and services via our email: 3d图库. You will get a response as soon as possible.

                                  To ensure we can receive the best representation of your products, please provide the following information by email:

                                  • An overview of your company, including the name, size, location, any technical certifications you have obtained, and your website address.
                                  • Details on the products, particularly your latest catalogue and quotation, including but not limited to product name, features, parameters, brand name and product images, as well as origin of country, delivery, lead time and inventory.

                                  We look forward to working with you.

                                  welcome to ATO supplier page

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