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                                      Surge Protection Devices

                                      The surge protection device (SPD) is an electronic device that provides security protection for various electronic devices, instrumentation and communication lines. SPDs play a role to restrict the transient overvoltage that enters the power line and signal transmission line to the voltage range that the device or system can withstand, or to discharge powerful lightning current into the ground, so as to protect the equipment or systems from strikes. Due to its role, surge protection device is suitable for surge protection in residential, tertiary industrial and other industrial applications.
                                      ATO offers a series of surge protection devices, Type 2 or Class II, DIN rail mount, with maximum discharge current 20kA, 40kA, 60kA, 80kA, 100kA, 120kA and 150kA for your choice, so as to meet your different requirements to protect your power system from the effects of lightning strike and transient overvoltage.

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                                      Surge Protection Device, Type 2, 20/40/60/80kA

                                      SKU: ATO-SPD-2080
                                      Surge Protection Device, Type 2 or Class II test, has maximum discharge current of 20kA, 40kA, 60kA and 80kA, choose a right SPD as required to protect your supply system, and DIN rail mounting, easy installation, compact design, good performance and low price.

                                      Surge Protection Device, Type 2, 100/120/150kA

                                      SKU: ATO-SPD-100150
                                      Type 2 Surge Protection Device, with max. discharge current 100/120/150kA available, helps to protect three-phase power system from the harm of lightning strikes and voltage surge, and also has fast response time, visible color change for SPD aging failure, and favorable price.

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