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                  300W Wind Turbine MPPT Charge Controller, 12V/24V

                  SKU: ATO-WTCMPPT-300
                  MPPT wind turbine charge controller for sale, wind generator rated power 300W, rate current 40A, 3 phase wind generator charge controller voltage 12V or 24V (auto recognition), IP67, mppt technology design, breeze start fan and strong reliability.

                  Laboratory Water Purification System, RO, Type 3

                  SKU: ATO-Moro210
                  Hot sell lab ultra pure reverse osmosis water purification system with low price, produces Type III water / distilled water straight from tap water, conductivity of the outlet water is 0-10us/cm, suitable for general chemical/physical testing of laboratory instruments, solution preparation.

                  Oil Free Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 10L/min for Laboratory

                  SKU: ATO-VP-1015L
                  Small laboratory oilless diagragm vacuum pump can work without need of pump oil, with flow rate 10L / 15L per min, and correspondingly ultimate vacuum pressure 0.075MPa / 0.08MPa, quiet and easy operation, helpful to create a clean and dry vacuum condition for lab experiement.

                  1/4 HP 2.5 CFM/3 CFM Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

                  SKU: ATO-VP-RS1
                  Low price yet high quality oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump for sale, single stage, 5 Pa ultimate vacuum, 1/4 hp power rating, free air displacement 3 CFM at 110V AC/60Hz or 2.5 CFM at 220V AC/50Hz, small size, light weight, and easy to carry with top handle.

                  100W 12v/24v/48v Alternator, 3 Phase

                  SKU: ATO-PMG-100W
                  Low rpm alternator generator, 100W rated power, 600 rpm, three phase, can select 12V/24V/48V voltage, rated torque 1.36Nm, permanent magnet generator for wind turbine, manufacturer price and long service life.

                  100W Wind Turbine, 12V/24V

                  SKU: ATO-WT-S100
                  Small wind turbine generator for sale, 100 watt power, 3 or 5 wind turbine blades can be selected, rated voltage 12 volt or 24 volt is availabe, high-quality aluminum alloy body, strong wind resistance, easy to install.

                  12V/24V DC Cooling Fan, 40mm x 40mm x 10mm

                  SKU: ATO-CF-DC4010
                  12V/24V DC cooling fan for sale, price low, 40mm x 40mm x 10mm, high speed dc cooling fan 4000rpm, 5000rpm and 6000rpm is optional, rated current 0.03A/0.04A/0.05A/0.07A, input power 0.48W/0.72W/0.6W/0.96W/0.84W/1.2W.

                  12V/24V DC Cooling Fan, 40mm x 40mm x 20mm

                  SKU: ATO-CF-DC4020
                  DC brushless fan 12v and small 24V dc cooling fan for selection, 40mm x 40mm x 20mm dimension, rated speed 5000rpm/6000rpm/7000rpm, quiet operation 24dB, high level of fire and waterproof, safe to use. Diverse interface options, bearing type oil or ball.

                  1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

                  SKU: ATO-EPW-1600
                  1600 psi electric pressure washer for sale, efficient cleaning of various surfaces, electric pressure washer for commercial and industrial, 2200W power, 220V/50Hz.

                  18" Magnetic Sweeper, 34 lbs

                  SKU: ATO-MS18
                  Magnetic sweeper with wheels, 18 inch dimension, maximum suction 34 lbs, hand-held magnetic sweeper can pick up nails quickly in the yard, widely used in industrial or home use.

                  2000 lbs 12V/24V ATV Electric Winch

                  SKU: ATO-WINCH-2000
                  Portable mini electric winch for ATV/ UTV application, features with 2000 lbs (907kgs) single line rated pull, 12V or 24V DC operating voltage, 0.7kW/1hp permanent magnet motor, 150:1 gear ratio, efficient differential planetary gear train helps to offer powerful horsepower, wired remote control and wireless remote control are included.

                  200W Wind Turbine, 12V/24V

                  SKU: ATO-WT-S200
                  Low cost 200 watt wind turbine generator for home use/boat, with wind turbine blades, 12/24 volt portable wind turbine can automatically adjust the wind direction, easy to use, no noise, manufacturer direct sales.

                  20W Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light

                  SKU: ATO-WL-20W
                  20W rechargeable led work light for sale, high quality portable work light with tripod, work light with magnetic base is suitable for camping, fishing and family emergency lighting.

                  21 Volt 1/2-in Brushless Cordless Impact Wrench, Adjustable Speed

                  SKU: ATO-IW-VT503
                  Brushless electric impact wrench, cordless, equipped with 21V 3Ah or 36V 4Ah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and 12.7mm (1/2 inch) square drive, comes with adjustable no-load speed 1600/2100/2800 RPM, produces high torque up to 360Nm and up to 3500 impacts per minute, ideal for automotive and other heavy-duty applications.

                  24" Magnetic Sweeper, 34 lbs

                  SKU: ATO-MS24
                  Rolling 24" magnetic sweeper for grass, 34 lbs maximum suction, professional magnetic nail pickup tool gives you a comfortable grip , can adjustable handle height.

                  2500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

                  SKU: ATO-EPW-2500
                  Industrial electric high pressure washer 2500 psi, 3.1kW power, flow 560L/h, efficient cleaning of car, metal, concrete and brick, grill, and boat, electric power washer is ideal. 220Vmobile high-pressure cleaner, easy to use.

                  2600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

                  SKU: ATO-EPW-2600
                  Commercial 2600 psi electric pressure washer, AC380V/50Hz, flow 720L/H, 4700W power, electric power washer can not only be used to clean cars, houses, floors, but also widely used in industry.

                  30" Magnetic Sweepers, 45 lbs

                  SKU: ATO-MS30
                  30 inch magnetic sweeper with wheels for sale, 45 lbs maximum suction, quickly and easily remove particles, find screws, nuts, nails. Lifting handle releases iron nails, easy to use.

                  300W Wind Turbine, 12V/24V

                  SKU: ATO-WT-S300
                  Manufacturers price wind turbine generator for sale, rated wind speed of 10 m/s, small size, 300 watt, 3/5 blades wind turbine can be selected, rated voltage 12 volt or 24 volt. Built-in low speed 3 phase AC permanent magnet generator to effectively regulate current and voltage, high wind energy utilization.

                  36" Magnetic Sweeper, 45 lbs

                  SKU: ATO-MS36
                  36 inch heavy duty magnetic sweeper, can lifts up to 45 lbs magnet, hand held magnetic sweeper with magnet release function, can adjustable handle length.

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